Sandra Bullock In Line For Huge Payday For 'Gravity' Role

Sandra Bullock In Line For Huge Payday For ‘Gravity’ Role

Sandra Bullock already has the award nominations for her role in the movie Gravity, and now she may have a small fortune to go with it.

The 49-year-old actress had some shrewd contract negotiations for the movie, which could net her $70 million in total. Insiders say Sandra Bullock earned $20 million up front from Warner Bros. against 15 percent of the movie’s first-dollar gross.

Gravity has already made more than $700 million at the box office since it first hit screens in October, and is likely to sail past the $750 million mark before all is said and done. With Warner Bros. expecting to take 45 percent of the revenue, Sandra Bullock would get an extra $30 million for her role, sources told The Hollywood Reporter.

But it doesn’t end there. Bullock would also get a cut from the movie’s home video sales and rentals, as well as television airings. That sum is expected to be quite hefty.

“The theatrical window is going to generate a third of the total revenue a movie will earn; it will get another third on DVD; and then the final third comes from pay and free TV,” an unnamed finance lawyer told THR.

The source said Bullock could get another $20 million from these sources.

Gravity is up for 10 Academy Awards this year, including Best Actress for Sandra Bullock.

Though she has already taken home the award for the 2010 movie The Blind Side, Bullock said being nominated is still a surprise to her.

“When something like this comes along, it’s humbling,” Bullock said. “I don’t know how to explain it. Some people get nominated a lot. I don’t. I don’t take anything for granted at any moment. I don’t assume anything is coming my way. It feels so otherworldly. It’s not a competition. It gets turned into one in the outside world.”

Gravity is the highest grossing movie to date for Sandra Bullock.