Kendrick Lamar Power 106

Kendrick Lamar Congratulates Schoolboy Q During Power 106 Interview

Kendrick Lamar surprised everyone when he called to congratulate Schoolboy Q during the rapper’s interview with Power 106.

If you don’t keep up with the comings and goings of the hip hop scene, then you probably missed out on the release of Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron. It didn’t take very long for the rapper’s album to shoot to the top of the iTunes chart. Chances are the record will make a very bold debut on the Billboard 200 chart as well.

In Kendrick Lamar’s humble opinion, Oxymoron is nothing short of a “classic gangsta rap album.” To make sure everyone understands what kind of record his fellow rapper release, Lamar called in to discuss the effort during Schoolboy Q’s Power 106 interview.

“We don’t get too many albums out on this side of town, so when you got a crazy album like Q and the fact that it’s from over here. You gotta respect it from everywhere,” Lamar said of Oxymoron during his Power 106 call-in.

Kendrick added, “Thinking back to when we were all in the studio, planning these strategies out, starving together and really waiting for the day to come, for my album to drop, for his album to drop. Now it came and it’s like n****s really, really put in the work and dedication, so I’m proud from the jump,” he said. “When I first met Q, he wasn’t rappin’. He was on some other stuff.”

According to Vibe, Schoolboy Q discussed hyping up Kendrick Lamar’s music back in the day. The rapper also took a moment to talk about the time that he and Lamar played in front of no more than nine people.

Of course, those days are long gone. Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 record good kid, m.A.A.d city has sold over a million copies in the US alone. However, The Inquisitr previously reported that former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight doesn’t think Lamar has a very good record deal at the moment.

“If you look at Interscope, the two guys from Compton — Game, Kendrick Lamar — got two of the worst deals in the industry. What people don’t realize is Universal [Music Group] is the ship, then Aftermath get they cut, then G-Unit get they cut, then the guy who really have Game signed [takes his piece], then it came to Game… then it’s Kendrick Lamar,” Knight explained.

Regardless of what kind of deal Kendrick Lamar has with Interscope, he’s still one of the strongest voices in rap music right now. All eyes are currently on the rapper to release a follow to his Platinum album in the near future.