Russian Flag Raised Over Ukraine Government Headquarters In Crimea

Ukraine is warning Russia about military action inside the protest torn country. Armed men just seized the regional government headquarters and parliament in Crimea and raised the Russian flag. Kiev’s new rulers are reportedly alarmed about the turn of event and is advising Moscow not to “abuse its navy base rights” by moving troops around on the ground.

Olexander Turchinov has been the acting president in the Ukraine since Viktor Yanukovich was removed from office amid the massive protests last week.

Turchinov had this to say about the Russian flag being raised above the government building in the Ukraine:

“I am appealing to the military leadership of the Russian Black Sea fleet. Any military movements, the more so if they are with weapons, beyond the boundaries of this territory [the base] will be seen by us as military aggression.”

Russia’s acting envoy in Kiev was also summoned for “immediate consultations” by the Foreign Ministry in Ukraine. Moscow has reportedly been putting out mixed signals in response to the nation’s flag being raised over the regional government headquarters and parliament in Crimea. Russian fighter jets have reportedly been placed on combat alert and are situated along the western borders of the Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen urged Russian not to engage in any activity which would “escalate tension or create misunderstanding.” Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski referred to the alleged Russian seizure of government buildings in the Ukraine as a “very dangerous game.” Sikorski also said, “This is a drastic step, and I’m warning those who did this and those who allowed them to do this, because this is how regional conflicts begin.”

In recent days Russian had noted interested in participating in an International Monetary Fund fiscal package for the Ukraine, but the movement of the fighter jets has called any possible fiscal pledge into questions.

Officials in the Ukraine maintain they need $35 billion dollars over the next 24 months in order to prevent bankruptcy. Any taxpayer funded aid by the United States to the Ukraine will likely be met with stiff opposition by lawmakers who are very angry over cuts to the military. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recently proposed slicing commissary allowances, housing discounts, reducing pay increases, and raising insurance premiums for American soldiers. If Hagel’s plan is approved, the United States military will be reduced to a force smaller than has been known since before World War II.