'Star Wars 7' cast Adam Driver Darth Vader

‘Star Wars 7’ Cast: Adam Driver To Play Darth Vader Style Villain?

The Star Wars 7 cast is starting to fill in with confirmed roles. Adam Driver is leading the casting announcements with his likely role as a villain said to be like Darth Vader. He is currently in negotiations for the part.

After Return of the Jedi, we knew it was too much to hope that Darth Vader would be a Star Wars 7 villain. Dethroning the Emperor in order to save Luke, Anakin Skywalker proved his son right by sacrificing his own life. He died a hero, despite having been a villain for two films, and came back as a Force ghost.

Apparently, the fact that Adam Driver could be cast as the new villain doesn’t tell us much. Will he be a Sith Lord under the command of Admiral Thrawn, or simply wear clothing similar to the infamous villain? Will he even be a Sith Lord? Darth Vader went through quite a story arc over the course of six films, from promising padawan to cold-hearted Sith Lord, and for about a minute a Jedi Force ghost.

The wording surrounding the addition of Adam Driver to the Star Wars 7 cast called him a character “in the vein of iconic Star Wars villain Darth Vader.” For now that is all we know of his role. Adam Driver comes fresh off the cast of the HBO series Girls to possibly play the new villain, beating out rumors of such notable villain actors as Hugo Weaving (The Matrix, Captain America) and Michael Fassbender (X-Men: First Class).

This is no surprise to anyone who has seen the way the films have been cast thus far. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford were all no-name actors when they were cast in their now legendary roles. The same is true for Natalie Portman (though she did have a costarring role as the girl in Leon: The Professional), Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, and Hayden Christensen, who all played major roles in the prequels.

The Star Wars 7 plot is still unknown to the general public, but the script has officially been completed. The story is said to center on the children of Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo and not be based on any of the books, so we still don’t know which or how many of their three children will be involved. The Star Wars 7 cast addition of Adam Driver could have him cast as Jacen Solo, who becomes a Sith Lord much like his grandfather Anakin. This is speculation, but it seems likely based on how little we know.

Mark Hamill has gone on record as saying that it hasn’t been decided whether he or any of the cast of the original Star Wars will be involved, though if Han and Leia’s children are involved, we may just get cameos from Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford.

For now that is all we know of the Star Wars 7 cast. Who would you like to see in the upcoming expansion on the story of a galaxy far, far away?