Zayn Malik Rumors

Zayn Malik Rumors Pop Up On Twitter, Fans Assume The Worst

Zayn Malik rumors recently started making the rounds on Twitter, which obviously means the guy is no longer with fiancé Perrie Edwards.

You’d think the One Direction singer would know better than to post strange and peculiar messages on social media at this stage in the celebrity game. Since a lot of people spend the majority of their free time obsessing over ever single word Malik dispenses on Twitter, messing with their minds in this fashion almost seems cruel.

Two things recently got the internet buzzing about Zayn in recent days. One had to do with a very emotional tweet the singer posted earlier this week, while the other had to do with a picture of Malik’s tattoos. Depending on who you ask, the One Direction heartthrob recently got his Perrie Edwards ink covered.

Before we get started on that tattoo rumor, let’s dive into Zayn Malik’s cryptic Twitter post. Here’s the message that kickstarted reports that there’s possibly trouble in paradise.

Is Zayn Malik suggesting that he and Perrie Edwards are finished? Could this tweet possibly foretell the demise of One Direction? What could it all mean?! Since the singer has yet to clarify the post, it’s really all up to individual interpretation. However, it’s probably best not to read too far between the lines. After all, Zayn’s recent tweets seem to have originated during a period of intoxication.


So what’s all this talk about Zayn Malik getting his Perrie Edwards tattoo removed, you ask? Some folks on Twitter assumed that he chose to remove the ink once a picture of the singer’s arm popped up on social media. Have a look at the image in question below.

Some fans quickly pointed out that the tattoo was simply obscured in the photo, while others used the opportunity to tell folks to quick being mean to the young couple. Check out some reactions to the rumor below.

What do you think about the rumors about Zayn Malik that are currently making the rounds on Twitter? Do you always take this sort of gossip with a grain of salt?