‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spinoff: Unknown Actor Lands Lead Role

How I Met Your Mother fans are very excited to see its promised spinoff, How I Met Your Dad, and will probably be more thrilled to learn that actor Drew Tarver will star as one of the spinoff’s lead characters.

Wait a minute, who in the world is Drew Tarver?

That was the first question many fans asked when they learned about the inclusion of the young actor in the cast of the much-awaited HIMYM spinoff.

His IMDb page brags a short list of films and shows he has been involved with since 2009. Some of the biggest roles he has recently played were “Executive #2” in Big Time Rush, “Homeless Gang Member #2” in The State of Us and “Counselor #2” in Newsbreakers.

But just like a Hollywood dream come true, the previously unknown actor is confirmed to lead in one of the most anticipated TV spinoffs in recent TV history. Revealed to star alongside Golden Globe nominated Greta Gerwig, Drew Tarver went from obscure actor to TV star overnight.

The entertainment website Deadline reported Tuesday that Tarver was noticed one month ago in a performance at CBS‘ 9th Annual Diversity Showcase. CBS signed him in a talent holding deal and has now been officially announced to be a part of How I Met Your Dad.

Despite being relatively unknown in the TV world, Tarver is a well-known member of Amy Poehler’s Upgrade Citizens Brigade Theatre and is the other half of the sketch duo Medium Friends.

How I Met Your Dad was first confirmed November last year after it was reported by Inquisitr that CBS has already ordered a pilot for the spinoff. Fans will be slightly disappointed that the sitcom won’t involve any of the old HIMYM cast but will still be delighted that McLaren’s pub will remain as a central location in the spinoff.

Greta Gerwig was first confirmed to star in How I Met Your Dad as Sally, Ted Mosby’s counterpart in the spinoff. She will also be a writer and producer for the show alongside How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

Drew Tarver will play Todd, Sally’s best friend and roommate who is also married to her brother. In a way, he will be the gay Marshal Erickson of the upcoming series.

One thing is for sure: after this announcement, Drew will no longer be unknown. By being a part of the How I Met Your Mother spinoff, his name will definitely be remembered by fans for the years to come.

[Photo from Tarver’s IMDB Page]