Womans calls 911over raw waffles

Woman Calls 911 Over Raw Waffles [Listen]

Another memorable 911 call.

A woman tried to turn up the heat when she called 911 to report a case of raw waffles at a Tampa, Florida, restaurant.

The near-midnight incident occurred in January 2013 at the Village Inn, but Tampa police just uploaded it to the internet as reminder about when to use the non-emergency number to seek assistance.

On the call, the unhappy customer told the 911 dispatcher that “…They gave me some raw waffles, and I told him I don’t want the waffles, could he take it off my bill. He said ‘Oh, I can’t take nothing off your bill’ … ”

The woman added that she was even willing to take a breathalyzer test.

The polite dispatcher informed her that the dispute over uncooked waffles is a civil matter, but she would be sending an officer over to see what he could do.

Reporting on the 911 call, the Tampa Bay Times wasn’t waffling when it commented that “Do you ever wonder at people’s amazing propensity to do totally stupid things when they have had a few too many drinks?”

According to Tampa Police, approximately 50 percent of 911 calls that come in aren’t genuine emergencies.

For some reason, as The Inquisitr has previously reported, there appears to be an increasing incidence across the country of citizens accessing the 911 system to complain about food or drink disputes.

As one example, last month, a Memphis grandmother called 911 because she allegedly ran out of beer on New Year’s Day.

In December, an Arizona man called 911 when his McDonald’s drive-thru order was missing hash browns. Elsewhere in Florida, a woman once called 911 three times to report that a local McDonald’s had run out of Chicken McNuggets. She was arrested for misusing the 911 system. In August, a Georgia man called the emergency number because he ordered seven McDouble burgers but his bag only contained six. Police also charged him with misusing 911, a misdemeanor. Last May, a Florida man allegedly called 911 approximately 80 times to request a home delivery of Kool-Aid, burgers, and weed. And in non-food-related matter, a man in the UK recently called Britain’s equivalent of 911 to complain the prostitute he hired wasn’t attractive enough.

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Listen to the 911 raw waffles call to Tampa police: