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‘Zombeavers’ Trailer Takes A Bite: Could This Be The Next ‘Sharknado’? [Video]

The official Zombeavers trailer is here. Yes, you read that right.

Just when you thought the zombie phenomenon was finally about to be laid to rest, Hollywood went and gave it a ridiculous twist. Just like the intentionally bad megahit Sharknado, they’ve taken two things that seemed related by only one factor and combined them for something new.

Zombified beavers are preparing to invade a theater near you in a movie that even the creators laughed at from the beginning.

Jordan Rubin literally helped create the idea of Zombeavers that way. He was in an informal meeting, brainstorming for new movie ideas when fellow producer Al Kaplin just threw out the name. Rubin recalled the conversation:

“We had written two ‘straight’ comedy scripts and Al and Jon [Kaplin] were leaving my apartment one day and I said, ‘I’d really love to do a horror.’ Al said, ‘What about Zombeavers?’ I just started laughing. I was like, ‘I’m in. That’s our next film. Let’s do that.'”

The original Zombeavers trailer was literally snippets of horror movies combined with BBC beaver documentary footage. Not surprisingly, as the team showed their YouTube hosted trailer around, 25 people passed it up. Eventually they caught the attention of JC Spink and Chris Bender, who were behind such notable and diverse films as The Hangover and Wes Craven’s Red Eye.

As usual, the creators of Zombeavers hired a collection of old and young talents for their upcoming horror comedy. Lexi Atkins (Turtle), Cortney Palm (Sushi Girl), and Rachel Melvin (Days of Our Lives) join comedian Bill Burr and Rex Linn (CSI: Miami) in a film which, much like Sharknado, takes the ridiculous and runs with it.

The Zombeavers trailer also boasts the creative talents behind American Pie, Cabin Fever, and The Ring as it delivers the classic horror cliché of scantily clad young women hanging around a cabin in the woods. After being told by a shotgun-toting local that everybody’s on the lookout for beavers, the idea doesn’t hit them until they encounter one in the bathtub, and it isn’t just rabid.

From that point on, as Jordan Rubin said, “It’s one of those things [where] you’re in on the joke and you get it, or you think it’s the most ridiculous thing you ever heard.”

It looks like Sharknado won’t be the only intentionally bad horror movie in recent years, as the Zombeavers trailer prepares to take a bite out of an audience who probably know what they’re getting into.

Will you be in line on the Zombeavers release date?