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John Cena Knee Injury: Real Or Fake?

John Cena allegedly injured his knee badly during his WWE Wrestlemania match-up against Erick Rowan. Cena fell awkwardly on his left knee during the match.

The Wyatt family decided to come to the ring to hassle John Cena while he was giving his pre-match speech. Following the bad fall, and the apparent injury to his knee, Cena could be seen talking to a ringside medic while clutching his knee.

The whole incident was slowed down as Cena tried to walk off the injury to his knee around the ring’s apron. Cena was then carried backstage on a stretcher and, according to WWE Network’s Raw Backstage Pass, he was in some considerable pain.

There have been conflicting reports though, as James Caldwell from PWTorch insisted that Cena was in fact totally fit and did not suffer any injury during the match.

Other sources also alleged that John Cena was playing up the knee injury, despite the fact that he did appear to be in pain and unable to walk properly.

Cageside Seats reported that they were now assessing who will appear on the WWE roster:

We mentioned before that WWE officials felt as though their carefully crafted WrestleMania plans had gone “off the rails” with Batista’s return falling flat, CM Punk walking out, and Daniel Bryan getting a far stronger fan reaction than anticipated.

So what is their solution? Well, more part timers of course. It is said that it was already in the plans for Rob Van Dam to return in time for a match at WrestleMania, and now McMahon wants Chris Jericho back as well. The idea currently on the table is for RVD and Jericho to feud with each other as they build towards a WrestleMania match.

Here is a video clip from the John Cena fight:

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