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Stay Alive: $9500 Bargain Doomsday Bunkers Now Available

Vivos Doomsday Bunker - Budget Friendly

Whether your worried about a zombie apocalypse or a nuclear attack on U.S. soil you now have the chance to survive after the initial wave of terror arrives. California based company Vivos has introduced bargain basement bunkers for just $9,500.

Vivos called the bunkers “economy class” accommodations and they mark a turn away from high-end five figure bunkers which may be suffering from a loss of interest as yet another rapture has come and gone without so little as a murmur from the end of days.

One of the company’s bunkers designs was converted to the new digs by knocking down walls and installing bunk beds to make them more spacious.

For anyone worried about safety, that would be anyone willing to buy such a bunker, they are meant to withstand 20-megaton nuclear blasts and each $9,500 occupant can survive for six months in the units.

The budget bunker, located somewhere in Nebraska can hold 1,000 people and according to the company budget units gained interest after the Fukudome Nuclear Power Plant disaster was revealed.

Six months hardly seems like enough time for nuclear fallout to settle down and create living conditions for humans, I see these units becoming living tombs after half a year of protecting their inhabitants.

Higher end units with longer living times and on-site medical and dental facilities are still available starting at $25,000 per person.

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2 Responses to “Stay Alive: $9500 Bargain Doomsday Bunkers Now Available”

  1. Anonymous

    Amazes me how people somehow think it’s stupid for CITIZENS to own shelter, but they don’t think it’s stupid for the GOVERNMENT to have shelters(?) I've applied and talked to these Vivos people, and they're the real deal. "True Believers" if you will. BTW, Nuclear Fallout (which generally clears after 90-days or less) isn’t the ONLY threat these shelters are for: There’s a LOT more to worry about from our ‘desperate’ fellow man when there’s no power, no water and no food on the shelves. What will YOU do when neighbors turn on each other, and gangs of “have-nots” break down your door looking to take what little you have? All the negative naysayers (like Mr. Johnson here) will be the first ones crying and screaming for their mommas when the SHTF. They'll also be the first ones standing at the secured and armed gates begging to be let in when they had the chance but decided it was better to make fun of everyone who had a different viewpoint from them. Oh wait – you won’t own space in Vivos, so you won’t know where the shelters are? Sucks to be YOU. You’d apparently rather die being brutalized by the roving marauders, looters and gang-rapists …. while the rest of us and our families are well-defended, protected and secure in a veritable fortress. HAVE FUN EATING YOUR “SOUR GRAPES!”.

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