How Did Supermodel Bar Refaeli Break Her Arm?

Supermodel and on-again, off-again girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio Bar Refaeli has broken her arm, she reports on Twitter.

It’s not all bad for Refaeli though, the supermodel did tweet that she’s enjoying some of the perks of a freshly set cast. In response to a question about her cast, Refaeli says:

@andrew_gunsberg of course! I’m back to being 12 years old! I’m all over the cast signing!

Before she broke the news, Refaeli commented:

@ValemiCChetti isn’t it supposed to b friday the 13th my love?

She then disclosed:

I broke my arm. And I’m annoyed! Booooooo

One thing Refaeli did not say is how the break occurred. The 26-year-old swimsuit model is known, aside from her beachy-hot looks, for breaking up and making up with DiCaprio several times since they began dating nearly six years ago.

It seems Refaeli’s outlook hasn’t been hampered by the unexpected bone break. She tweeted two “inspirational” quotes before dishing about Skype-gossiping with a friend.

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