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True Detective: Obama ‘Has Seen My Boobs’ Boasts Show’s Sexpot Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario

True Detective, if it isn’t the grimmest show on television, is right up there with some of the most downbeat and resolutely humorless programming to seep through your screen in 2014. But that doesn’t mean that the show can’t generate some ridiculous storylines off the air.

This one involved the Commander-In-Chief and one actress’s chief assets.

The story comes courtesy of actress Alexandra Daddario who portrayed Lisa Tragnetti, the sexpot mistress of Woody Harrelson’s Detective Martin Hart character. Daddario recently found out that President Barack Obama lists two HBO shows as his current favorites on TV.

In fact, at a recent state dinner in honor of France’s President Francois Hollande, Obama accosted HBO Chef Executive Richard Pleper and demanded, only half kidding, advance copies of both Game of Thrones and True Detective. That was the weekend before President’s Day, and though Obama had a busy schedule, he nonetheless planned to find time to binge-watch both series.

Now, the 27-year-old Daddario, hearing of the president’s enthusiasm for True Detective, put two and two together.

In one of her four episodes in True Detective, the Texas Chainsaw 3D star engages in a steamy, leave-little-to-the-imagination sex scene with Woody Harrelson, in which she strips to her birthday suit and seductively straddles the 52-year-old Hollywood veteran.

Knowing that Obama must have watched that scene, probably just as riveted to the screen as anyone else, Alexanadra Daddario realized that the president of the United States has now seen her, well, lets just say he’s seen her.

“The president has seen my boobs,” Daddario, who got her big break as a 16-year-old in 2002 on the soap opera All My Chidren, tweeted on February 17. The tweet came complete with a photo of Obama giving a knowing wink.

Well, we’ve got news for you, Alexandra. He’s seen a lot more than your boobs, and so has everyone else who watches True Detective. But if one rather unbelievable story is to be believed anyway, Daddario’s au naturel turn on True Detective made an especially strong impression on the nation’s top HBO aficionado.

Who knows whether Daddario’s tweet inspired it, but two days later, the always-amusing National Enquirer — which has shown an obsessive interest in the president’s sex life, or what it imagines the president’s sex life to be, anyway — ran a story headlined, “Horndog Obama Hot For TV Nudie Cutie.”

According to the 88-year-old tabloid — which these days is probably read primarily by 88-year-olds — a “White House source” claims that the president became so infatuated with the Squid and the Whale actress after seeing her perform — or shall we say, “perform” — on True Detective, that he has developed an unshakeable fixation on her.

“It’s surprising he doesn’t have a poster of her hanging in the Oval Office,” the alleged “source” allegedly “told” the Enquirer. “He’s totally smit­ten with her.”

While the National Enquirer tale needs to be taken with a healthy, if not overwhelming dose of skepticism, one thing that is not questionable is that Alexandria Daddario gave a performance that True Detective viewers will not soon forget — albeit maybe not entirely for the reasons she would prefer.

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14 Responses to “True Detective: Obama ‘Has Seen My Boobs’ Boasts Show’s Sexpot Alexandra Daddario”

  1. Josefino Velasco

    What is intersting in this issue by the way? an ugly person is as horny as a better looking one, right? Unless that person is gay of course. Otherwise, his prick would be sticking up seeing Leo DiCaprio half naked in the TV screen.

  2. Quentin Walker

    Um, she sounds like a narcissistic typical actor. I doubt Obama really gives a crap. I am sure he has seen a lot of boobs at different points.

  3. Kayak Thief

    You sound like the typical narcissistic douchebag who thinks people hang on their every word. She made a joke via Tweet. She didn't make some big statement about it. She used six words to make light about something she was involved in. You're a moron. No wonder you go to a college with the "difficult" acceptance rate of 47%.

  4. Quentin Walker

    Kayak Thief, um actually that was graduate school I went to there cuz their program was the forth best in the country after Harvard, Stanford, and Berkley and located in NYC. Fordham was prior and has a long list of famous people. Oh yeah, in both I was the kid who knew all the questions. Opps, you have to know on some level you just sounded really dumb, and are a huge loser and pretty creepy for actually going through my personal information and researching it because you were upset at a celebrity comment of somebody I don't even remember or care about. Not to be hubris or anything, but I would eviscerate you on any subject I know about. It is cute you thought you could offend me though even if you made really stupid assumptions in the process.

  5. Quentin Walker

    Ronald Sajor I actually have nothing against or for her. I have never heard of her or the show.

  6. Kayak Thief

    Quentin Walker Yes, you're super intelligent as evidenced by your compulsion to flame celebs on the internet and your "mastery of grammar." I guess they don't teach grammar at your shit college. Don't make me laugh. I didn't have to research your personal information since it says your college next to your username. Obviously, you realize it now since you felt the need to somehow call me out on going to an Ivy League school. How's that working out for you buddy? Captain Unemployed thinks I am stupid because his fat ass got butthurt after getting owned on the internet. Stop the motherf'ing presses. Good luck in your "career." Perhaps you can pay off your student loans in the next 20 years with your paycheck from working at Starbucks.

  7. Philoso Raptor

    Quentin, stop feeding this troll. How hard is it to put "Harvard" as your school? It's not as if they check credentials. I'm willing to bet an awful lot of money..(10 bucks is what I have in my bank account) that he didn't go to Dartmouth…and he isn't Ivy League in the least.

    Case in point "Getting owned on the internet" ya…ivy league grads making "shit loads of cash" are clearly going out of their way to "own" people on the internet. Get back to flaming people on CoD noob.

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