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Justina Pelletier: Father Breaks Gag Order And Urges Support For His Daughter’s Return

Justina Pelletier’s father Lou broke the gag order issued in his daughters’ case in an effort to garner public support and help bring the 15-year-old home. Lou Pelletier sat down with Glenn Beck for an interview about his daughter’s “kidnapping” earlier this week.

The teenager has been withheld from her family since a hospital took custody of the girl. The parents’ “crime?” Disagreeing with the doctor’s diagnosis. Justina’s parents are currently permitted to visit her just once per week for a single hour and can make just two phone calls during that same time period.

Lou Pelletier had this to say about his daughter being removed from the home for an entire year:

“We need help. I’m trying to save my daughter’s life. Now we go back [to court] the 24th and I want to have all my guns blazing We’re not going to make it much more.”

“It’s beyond any wildest nightmare that you could think of,” her father said. For the past 12 months, Justina Pelletier’s parents have only been able to communicate with their daughter via secret messages folded inside origami notes. Lou Pelletier, the teen’s father, deemed the actions which has kept Justina from her home “kidnapping.” Before a local judge issued a gag order in the case, WTIC-TV, a local news station, was investigating decisions involving the custody of Justina Pelletier.

Justina was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease several years ago, and older sister has the same hereditary condition. The genetic disorder often causes weakness and the loss of muscle coordination. Justina reportedly lived a normal life. In in February of 2013, the girl was hospitalized for the flue. After being admitted to Boston Children’s Hospital she was set to be examined by her specialist. Before the anticipated doctor could see Justina, a different team of doctors arrived and questioned the original diagnosis and declared an entirely different condition was impacting the young woman.

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