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NFL Rumors: Michael Vick To New York Jets; Mark Sanchez Out

Michael Vick To NY Jets

Could Michael Vick be headed to the Big Apple? According to several sports blogs, such as and Bleacher Report, the answer might be yes.

Vick, the 33-year-old former starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles will be a free agent this season. And with the emergence of Nick Foles as their starting quarterback during the 2013 season, the likelihood that Michael returns to engineer Chip Kelly’s offense is slim to none. This leads many to speculate on where Vick’s next turn at quarterback will come. And, according to an article on, there will be significant interest in Vick:

“2014 isn’t a great year for NFL teams looking for a veteran free agent quarterback, but Michael Vick is the exception and several teams from around the league are rumored to have interest in the former Philadelphia Eagles signal caller.”

Rich Cmini, who writes for the New York Jets blog on, also contends that there could be interest in Vick following the anticipated dumping of former starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and his exorbitant salary:

“[Mark] Sanchez is signed for three more seasons, but his cap charge ($13.1 million) is prohibitive,” Cmini writes. “Chances are, they will part ways with their former starter, who is recovering from shoulder surgery.”

But with Geno Smith still in question as New York’s #1 guy, it would behoove them to have a veteran backup, other than Sanchez of course, as insurance should Smith’s play deteriorate:

“The speculation will focus on Michael Vick (Philadelphia Eagles),” Cmini writes, “who was Wally Pipped by Nick Foles. Vick’s play has deteriorated over the last three years (35 touchdowns, 27 interceptions), and there are durability issues, but he will intrigue the Jets because of his familiarity with Mornhinweg’s system. Is the feeling mutual? Vick said recently he wants to be a starter.”

Also coming into play is whether New York City would welcome Vick with open arms either. Forget the fact that Michael could create a quarterback controversy behind Geno Smith, there is also legitimate concern over whether his troubled past will come back to haunt him in the media capital of the world.

In the meantime, Vick, as reported by the Inquisitr, has been making some news of his own outside the NFL, announcing a new hair product line alongside Bow Wow. He reportedly “has confirmed that he is starting a new business venture alongside rapper Bow Wow entitled, Wave Masterz, which will manufacture hair products.”

Michael Vick announced this new venture via his Twitter account:

But at the end of the day Michael Vick is still a football player in need of a team to play for. What do you think? Would the New York Jets make the ideal landing spot for Michael Vick? Or should the New York Jets stick with Geno Smith or Mark Sanchez over Michael Vick as their starting quarterback?

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9 Responses to “NFL Rumors: Michael Vick To New York Jets; Mark Sanchez Out”

  1. Jacob Vega

    Never liked Geno, Idzik knows he is not the franchise QB but he needed to give jets fans hope

  2. Peggy Fevola

    If they take Vick on, I will become a NY Giants fan and I have been a Jets fan since day one. He is a horrible human being and a washed up foootball player. They say he paid his time. Bull. I could never cheer on a player that condoned dogs killing one another. Anyone who condones dog fighting till death and then stringing them from a tree when they were useless is a PSYCHO. New Yorkers please let us have a team with dignified players. Players make mistakes. They are human but he isnt human. He is a piece of dirt under my shoe.

  3. Kerri Koker

    I've been a Jets fan for almost 30 years…..And if they bring on that dog killing worthless piece of shit, I will never watch them again….EVER

  4. Kevin Azjetsfan Senn

    I think that bringing in Vick will be nothing more than another huge mistake like when they brought in Tebow. What I would like to see is the Jets sit with Sanchez and redo his contract so his current contract doesn't kill the Jets with the salary cap. Then come preseason let Sanchez prove again like he did last preseason that he should be the starter for the Jets and not that "wanna be" QB Smith. Just this time let's make sure Rex doesn't make another idiotic move like putting in your best QB in the 4th quarter of a preseason game. How stupid was that?!! I'll tell you how stupid, if not for that inexcusable decision made by Rex and as good as Sanchez played in prior preseason games I would bet the Jets would have made the post season and not just watched from home. Thanks Smith!! I say cut Smith!!! Sanchez has always been a team player and with 2 seasons of no o-line his play reflected that. Now the o-line looks better and after Rex's bonehead play calling which got Sanchez hurt I think the Jets organization owes it to him to try and keep his job and not just release him. But he would have to agree to reworking his current contract to help with the cap of course. **AZJETSFAN** I bleed green and will bleed green until I die!! J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!!!!

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