Sakshat 49 dollar Android Tablet

India’s $35 Sakshat Tablet Finally Arrives, Offered for $49

India’s $35 Sakshat tablet is finally getting ready to ship at a slightly higher price of $49. The oft-delayed Android table is set to ship 10,000 seven-inch units to IIT-Rajasthan by the end of June, while an additional 90,000 units may ship soon after with the goverment covering half the cost, dropping them to just $25.

Features on the device are comparable to other Android tablets including 2GB RAM, front-facing camera and a 32GB hard drive, however the unit also features a relatively cheap construction which pushes down the cost.

The Sakshat has been in development for several years and was originally scrapped when India’s government decided the units were not up to par with computing standards which means the new gadgets are of better quality with only a slightly higher price point.