Kamil Stoch

Kamil Stoch Wins Large Hill Ski Jumping, Completes Rare Double Sweep

Poland’s Kamil Stoch has completed a rare double in ski jumping when he captured the gold for both large and normal hill at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Stoch achieved the unusual feat by taking the gold from 41-year-old Japanese veteran Noriaki Kasai’s in the very last jump during the large hill event at Sochi. Slovenia’s Peter Prevc won the bronze.

Kasai jumped second to last in the final round and had a 133.5 meter jump which earned him a 136.8 for a combined score of 277.4, but he still had to wait for Kamil Stoch to go and decide what color medal he would get.

The Japanese skier was going for his first Olympic medal in seven attempts. He won a team silver medal at the 1994 Lillehammer Games.

When it came time for Kamil Stoch to jump he earned a 132.5 meters which gave him a score of 135.3 for a combined of 278.7 and his second Olympic title this week.

Kamil Stoch joins legendary Simon Ammann (Switzerland) and Matti Nykänen (Finland) as the only men to win both individual ski jumping events at a single Winter Olympics Games.

Stoch Celebrates Gold