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Xbox One VS PS4: Top Five Reasons Why I Bought The Xbone

Xbox One VS PS4: Top Five Reasons Why I Bought The Xbone

For me, the Xbox One wins over the PS4 due to practicality, not pretty graphics. Let me explain…

In a related report by The Inquisitr, it’s possible the PS4 vs Xbox One console battle could be decided by Titanfall in the short term since it’s very likely we’ll never see a Titanfall PS4 version. But Microsoft is still receiving a lot of flack since because the Titanfall Xbox One version can’t do 1080p, 60FPS.

[UPDATE] My co-worker has decided to write an article explaining why he thinks the PS4 wins over the Xbox One.

In the past, I declared Microsoft’s claim that the Xbox One GPU is just as fast as the PS4 the lie of the year so I’m no fanboy. But I’m also one of those oddball gamers where my game consoles see more use as an entertainment center rather than as a gaming machine. From the start, Microsoft has positioned the Xbox One in this manner and that’s why the Xbone appealed to me. Critics have pointed out that other devices, even smart HDTVs or the older consoles, provide this functionality but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Microsoft is already working hard on getting television exclusives for its network and what interests me most is the talk of merging passive entertainment and gaming.

This brings me to point number two. This type of interactive television will start with one game called Quantum Break:

“Quantum Break from Remedy Studios is a time bending third-person shooter that has been developed alongside a coinciding live-action TV show. The game disc will ship with episodes included, with further serialized content likely available through Microsoft’s Live platform.”

There’s also talk of the Halo 5 release date coinciding with a Halo TV series. Besides a standalone game, it’s possible Microsoft may choose to introduce episodic gaming where new Halo content is released on a subscription basis and follows the plot of the TV show. I’m a long-time Halo fan and I still remember when it was going to be a SciFi RTS that was supposed to be a sequel-in-spirit to Bungie’s Myth series (if you’ve never tried it check out Project Magma).

Speaking of Halo, the third reason I bought a Xbox One is console exclusives like Dead Rising, Killer Instinct, and others. Other than the Uncharted, the Infamous series, and various other games (I’m just about to play Last Of Us) I rarely used my PS3 over the years. So, yes, I will eventually buy a PS4 but I don’t have an incentive in the short term besides Infamous Second Son, especially since Titanfall is an Xbox One and PC exclusive.

The Titanfall PC edition also bring me to reason number four. In general, I’m a PC gamer first, but it’s cheaper to rent console games via Gamefly. In fact, I used to refer to the original Xbox as my Halo Box since that was the only reason I bought the console at first. If you compare the Xbox One and PS4 GPU to the latest PC video cards the PlayStation 4 is literally less than half as fast. Nowadays, most console games tend to receive PC ports and since both the PS4 and Xbox One use AMD hardware we’re more likely to see better ports. I also have my gaming PC set up with a wireless Xbox 360 controller and a wireless HDMI transmitter that sends full uncompressed 1080p gaming goodness to my home theater. So, yes, there’s a good reason why I don’t care much about the graphics advantage the PS4 GPU enjoys over the Xbox One… the PC graphics are better, anyway.

The last reason I’m buying a Xbone is quite simply the Xbox One controller. My hands have never felt comfortable with the PlayStation 4 controller design, and I haven’t liked the overall shape since the original PS 1, never mind once they jammed analog sticks awkwardly in the middle. The main exception is fighting games. In that case I avoid the Xbox design like the plague. So while I’ll own both consoles, if a game is out on both platforms I’m more likely to use the Xbox One. There’s also the Kinect 2.0, which offers gameplay options the PS4 (currently) can’t duplicate.

So what do you say gamers… do you think the console battle will be determined by gaming alone or will other practical uses and TV tie-ins determine the long-term winner?


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44 Responses to “Xbox One VS PS4: Top Five Reasons Why I Bought The Xbone”

  1. Nyx VonDog

    If you want a media center, the PS3 would be a better choice than the X1 currently. And other than HDMI pass-through, I've yet to see the X1 do anything the PS4 can't as far as streaming media. Not to mention that all the media functions of X1 are behind a paywall.

  2. Simon Tupper

    To be fair the PS3's software is behind both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Even the PS4's UI is messy compared to the one on the Xbone.

  3. Nyx VonDog

    Simon Tupper, matter of taste. I prefer the PS4's more simplistic interface. And the PS3's software isn't behind the 360 at all, and it's miles ahead of X1 & PS4. I don't know where you'd extrapolate that.

  4. Matthew Bryant

    Simon Tupper That's funny, because there have been many tech websites that have posted articles on the subject and they all seem to unanimously agree that the PS3 is the best console for multimedia. You may be right in your own mind, but you appear to be wrong in reality.

  5. Matthew Bryant

    I also find it interesting that he only bought the PS3 for two exclusives when the PS3 literally has probably a good 25 to 50 great exclusives. Is he a COD dude bro or something? Ugh…

  6. Ryan Haase

    This has nothing to do with either console, you did nothing other than say how much better pc is than consoles. Since the new builds of the consoles are essentially custom pcs using relatively inexpensive parts to keep production costs down that seems a bit obvious. All five of your reasons for buying an x1 are that you don't use it anyway but you like the controller for your pc. If you have no interest in consoles stay out of a CONSOLE war.

  7. Jake Perkins

    "If you compare the Xbox One and PS4 GPU to the latest PC video cards the PlayStation 4 is literally less than half as fast"

    no shit
    your link was to a 900 dollar graphics card

  8. Jake Perkins

    Matthew Bryant lol really
    last of us
    shadow of colossus

    just 3 games off the top of my head that are miles ahead of anything i ever saw on xbox 360

  9. Anonymous

    Your article is ignorant at best, you forget what the MAIN FUNCTION OF A CONSOLE IS, well I'll tell you, the primary function is GAMING, once that is established, everything else it can do is simply secondary, you're top 5 reasons seems to be unimportant and the reality is that the PS4 is a SUPERIOR console when you look at the hardware specs, you can sugar coat the xb1 all you want, it still an inferior GAMING machine, plain and simple.
    I own two xb360's cause they were the SUPERIOR gaming machine, I'm saying this as to denote that I'm not a fanatic of either company, I could careless if they both burn, but I do care about my gaming and my money and this gaming generation the PS4 is by far the SUPERIOR CONSOLE. =)

  10. Patrick Frye

    I actually did use a PS3 as a media center over the 360. It's possible Microsoft could support some of the interactive TV elements on the 360 but I doubt they'll do that.

  11. Patrick Frye

    No argument here that the PS4 GPU is superior. But graphics do not necessarily make or break gameplay and the new Dual Shock 4 wasn't enough to win me over. So from a gameplay perspective my hands still like the Xbone.

  12. Patrick Frye

    The point is that gaming consoles are, and have been for years, much more than just gaming machines. Heck, people used to buy a PS3 just for the Bluray drive and movies.

  13. Patrick Frye

    Actually, what I said was I'm buying both and that the Xbone is likely to see more usage over the PS4 for the reasons listed.

  14. John Bund

    Sure the xbone has some titles I'd like to play, but most of them will be on the pc, so that's a non issue.

    And most xbox games seem to be Kinect only now, some games I really liked on the 360 wanted me to get up and dance and wave my arms around like an idiot, seriously? Like I want to do that after a 12 hour shift at work, I just want to sit down and relax, not jump around.

    All that and the ps4 will have God Of War! Nothing else to say :)

  15. John Bund

    You're right there Patrick, my first ps3 was because it was cheaper than a decent bluray player at the time, and it did more.

    At the end it was used mainly for Netflix and multi play COD games with my son. I always preferred the 360 just because I hated the ps3 controllers, but I thought the ps3 had much better games (personal opinion) and didn't force you to dance around for most games, with most games requiring Kinect. Though now it's the ps4 hands down! Superior quality games, superior controller (again personal opinion) but mainly because It's just a game system.

    Unlike the xbone that tries to be a bit of everything, and doesn't excel at anything. It wants to be media hub? My HTPC with the free xbmc (yes I see the irony) does way more than the xbone ever will and cost less.

    In the end it all comes down to personal choice, and as long as people are happy with what they get who cares. To each their own!

    Game on.

  16. Pete Perry

    Bottom line, if gaming on your console isn't fun then you've failed to produce a gaming console! So far, Sony has failed and Microsoft has provided the more entertaining experience.

    The number of people I've talked to who own both and never play the PS4 would be the majority.

    I sold my PS4 because it wasn't being used and now I game on the Xbox one.

    Sony has a spec sheet but, once that wears off, all you have is a console with poor games and a huge disadvantage for multimedia playback!

  17. Matthew Bryant

    Patrick Frye No, but graphics do considerably add to immersion. They obviously are more or less important from one person to the next, and I won't argue that gameplay isn't incredibly important as well, but if I have the option to play the same game at a higher framerate or better resolution? Why would I choose the worse experience? There is a very noticeable difference between 720p and 1080p. People who state otherwise either need to get their eyes checked or need to sit closer to their smaller TV.

  18. Matthew Bryant

    Patrick Frye Very few people bought the PS3 just for blu-rays. It was a nonsense argument thrown around by Xbox fanboys. It did happen, but no where near as often as people pretend. Most people who bought a PS3 bought it to play games. Just like most people who buy a PS4 or Xbox One buy it to play games. I have a gaming PC as well, but there are MANY games that never make it to PC that are on consoles. Take Final Fantasy, Tales of, Uncharted, Last of Us, God of War, Heavy Rain, Persona, Ni No Kuni, etc. for instance. There are more games than time, so obviously buy whatever works for you. No offense, but I think your list doesn't apply to most people.

  19. Patrick Frye

    John Bund I guess I'm the exact opposite. After being stuck at a desk writing all day I really don't mind dancing around like an idiot in the living room. It's actually nice to stand.

  20. Anonymous

    Patrick Frye Bro, I don't know why you support the INFERIOR CONSOLE when it's clear they got nothing on the PS4, what are your reasons? titanfall? really? well I don't know, but you got to remember nowadays people do their own research on the web and info is available 24/7. So is hard to sell a speech under those circumstances.
    Why I mention this? well even you agree the graphics card is better on the PS4, then don't forget about 1080p, the xbox1 can't do it.
    Where I'll have to agree with you is on the controller, I think the Xbox1 controller is by far better than PS4's but that's only one kudo in favor of xb1 while it has to deal with the other 1 million cons against it.
    To top it all, the price, please, please, tell me, how can you justify spending an extra $100 dollars on the inferior console, I rather take those extra $100 dollars and put them on two new games for my soon to be bought PS4. I'm next on the list at GameStop where I live so I'm waiting for that phone call. =)

  21. Matthew Bryant

    Patrick Frye Well, before you changed the text in your article you seemed to be stating that you literally only played those two games. Thanks for the clarification. ^^

  22. Matthew Bryant

    Patrick Frye I wasn't accusing you of being one of those people, I was just making a generalization. I seriously doubt that resolution and framerate will be the only graphical differences we'll see between PS4 and Xbox One versions as the generation progresses. PC effects will improve substantially over this generation. The PS4 will have a much easier time keeping up with those improvements. I think it's likely we'll see better lighting, textures, reflections, realistic water, etc. on the PS4 over Xbox One versions of games before too long in this generation.

    So right now I understand the argument that you can just move a little farther away from your screen (although that decreases the viewing area obviously) to reach a higher dpi, but you still lose detail obviously and AA becomes more of a concern at 720p than 1080p. In any case, I think the difference between versions will actually increase over the course of the generation, even with SDK improvements by Microsoft. Resolution differences, while noticeable, aren't a game breaker. When effects start looking noticeably better on PS4? Then people will talk.

  23. John Johnston

    Lol listen all the haters. You do realize people like consoles for different reasons and it's not all gaming.. right?

    I for one have younger brothers and sisters, who absolutely love dancing around with the Kinect and will love Just Dance. The PS4 eye would be inferior since the Kinect is clearly better.

    Voice commands are incredible, and it makes the use of console the easiest thing in the world. Don't tell me you guys don't lose your controller or remote for a second and are searching everywhere for it? For me, I say "Xbox go to Netflix, Select 4 (Profile), Select 1 (my Tv Show)" and I am golden. No need to find the controller, no need to exit my game and go to the home screen. It's done FAST and SIMPLE.

    As far as graphics, sure you can tell difference between 720 and 1080 side by side… however when are your consoles ever side by side with separate TV's? If you're not doing a side by side comparison, you can't tell much of a difference at all. I for one enjoy the online play better with Xbox.

    As far as exclusives, we have no clue which will have the better lineup later down the road so you had to look at right now. For me, I love zombie games so Dead Rising 3 fit my game type. Then of course Titanfall, after playing the Beta, I enjoyed it a lot. None of the PS4 exclusives grabbed me and gave a reason to like it over the Xbox One.

    Majority of my friends who have a console own and Xbox One, and so that also led me towards the Xbox One. This is a big factor, since half the fun is being online with friends.

    Xbox One Features, like Snapping my TV have been great. I would be watching a sports game, while playing a sports game. During the commercials, I'd bring up my game and snap the TV during the commercials. This way I know I don't miss any of the game. When the game came back on, I'd say "Xbox watch TV" and I was back watching the game. As soon as commercial again, I'd tell my Xbox to go to my game, and snap TV and I was back playing.

    Xbox One fits me better, where the PS4 did not. People will say they don't care about voice commands, just dance, and that PS4 has better exclusives. For them, the PS4 will be better, however it's all preference. So to say one console is better than the other is incorrect. That's saying that everyone has the same preference. Of course you can compare different pieces of hardware in each console, but that's only half the story, and you can't use that as your only argument.

  24. Patrick Frye

    Matthew Bryant Many of the graphics effects that will be implemented for this generation were devised by mathematicians years ago. In fact, the reason why newer games for the 360/PS3 look so dramatically better is because the drastic improvements in efficiency for dynamic lighting algorithms and shadow mapping. So for the most part we've known for years what is possible with the newer hardware.

    Even though the performance gap between the Xbone and PS4 GPU can literally be measured by several Wii U GPU's, unfortunately it's just not that fast. For example, the PS4 can't handle full global illumination techniques and must rely on a mix of dynamic GI and pre-computed:

    Graphics effects involving lighting affect the development art pipeline so I don't even expect many PC games to use full GI since that would increase the budget.

    So what can we realistically expect? The Xbone will be the lowest common denominator for third party games (the Wii U pretty much needs its own special port). But I do expect the accuracy of effects to be different. For example, both consoles are capable of the best solutions listed in this article…

    …but I expect the PS4 to use a higher resolution render target and more filtering. The PS4 will have more detailed LOD objects (grass, buildings, etc) further into the distance, shadow maps will be rendered at a higher resolution along with better filtering, 4x MSAA instead of 2X, HDAO vs SSAO, etc. The increased memory bandwidth should allow for more detailed textures. PS4 exclusives will likely use more detailed art assets but otherwise I don't expect many "new" graphics effects to be capable only on the PS4.

  25. Patrick Frye

    Matthew Bryant Oh, and I wasn't saying that resolution differences aren't noticeable. 720p vs 1080p is like night and day at average viewing distances and even 1080p w/ 8x MSAA isn't enough for my 60 inch HDTV IMO (unfortunately, the one limitation to my wireless HD PC setup is that it'll never be capable of higher resolutions due to bandwidth/range limitations unless I switched to a very long HDMI cable).

    But if game devs can optimize to the point where most Xbox One games run 900p I'd be happy. The biggest problem is that the Xbone's hardware upscaler tends to produce a very sharp image where aliasing becomes a concern so, from what I've heard, some game devs are using a software-based solution instead to get better results.

  26. Matthew Bryant

    Patrick Frye Sounds like we mostly agree, but I'd argue that developers will become more proficient with the low level API on both the PS4 and the Xbox One. There's considerably more power on both consoles that is yet to be untapped. We won't know just what each console is capable of for a couple more years at the earliest, but I definitely wouldn't argue that either the Xbox One or PS4 will compete with the PC graphically. PCs will obviously pull ahead. The question is, by how much? Or I suppose the real question is how much will consoles hold back the PC this generation compared to last?

  27. Patrick Frye

    Matthew Bryant I'd say budget-conscious publishers making multi-platform games will likely limit their studios to graphics effects that can be improved with simple number changes to variables. Anything that requires much extra work or changes to the art pipeline will get nixed. After all, that's pretty much what we've seen for years with PC ports from the 360/PS3.

  28. Matthew Bryant

    Patrick Frye Except that it hasn't been. I'm not saying that consoles didn't hold back PC versions of games, because it obviously did. PC versions definitely looked considerably better than console versions though. The reality is that PC versions didn't really get held back. What got held back is the 5% of gamers who actually own a gaming PC that's capable of shooting out graphics higher than the maximum settings on PC games. A vocal majority on the internet, but a very small demographic overall.

    Besides, you can't honestly believe that every version of a game will be held back to the Xbox One version of a game. That's nonsense. Especially since effects are run by third party tools with a slider to choose quality in most games these days. It's not exactly difficult to make a game's effects look better anymore.

  29. Matthew Bryant

    Shawn Schaitel I'm hoping you ended up playing more than that one game… While it's a great game, it's still only one game. The only game I really care about playing on the Xbox 360 is Tales of Vesparia, but I'm not buying a Xbox 360 to play it.

  30. Patrick Frye

    Matthew Bryant I'm apparently not communicating very well. The Xbone/PS4 are technically capable of shader model 5, along with some hardware specific extensions, but not every possible graphics effect is feasible due to performance concerns, even at their lowest settings. The settings sliders in game menus control the numbers in variables used by graphics functions in the game engine. Any effect that can be easily scaled up and down in this manner will likely be used in all future games. Any effect that requires a certain GPU performance threshold, and also requires changes to level design and the art pipeline, will not be used very often, if at all.

    Even Titanfall on the PC is noticeably held back IMO. As it is, for the next 2 to 3 years multi-platform games will still be held back mostly by the last gen and game developers have been talking about the higher production costs involved with maintaining their art pipeline while bridging the gap. The biggest notable exception off the top of my head is Witcher 3; the devs stated they don't plan on supporting last gen in order to fulfill their vision for their game.

    Also, the PS3/360 used Shader Model 3 w/ some hardware extensions. It's been years since I've done any graphics programming but quite frankly the vast majority of graphics techniques became doable with SM3, which was a big leap from SM2:

    Most of the stuff introduced with SM4 and SM5 just made working in shading languages easier and allowed for compute shaders because of the unlimited instruction lengths. The biggest exception is GPU-based tessellation:

    The article gets the terminology wrong (it's vertex shaders, not pixel) but otherwise it gives a good overview. Also, the ability to do displacement mapping was actually introduced with DX9/SM2.0b but it didn't become feasible performance-wise until DX11.

  31. Matthew Bryant

    Patrick Frye I'm referring to third party effects tools like Enlighten, not in game effects sliders found in the settings menu. These can be ramped up to create a more realistic lighting model. Take MGS V for instance that clearly has much more realistic lighting on the PS4 version. Now the PS4 uses HDAO while the Xbox One uses SSAO, so obviously you're going to see better lighting on the PS4 version, but there's more than one way to implement HDAO depending on performance vs. graphic quality concerns (occlusion factor for instance). There are many variables that effect the quality of the effect. These can be pumped up on the PS4 much more than on Xbox One.

    Also, you're still pretending that performance will remain identical throughout the entire generation. That's just not true. As I stated before the low level APIs on both the PS4 and Xbox One will allow the PS4 to push through a good 50-100% more power out of the GPU than you would be able to out of a similar GPU in a PC. The GPUs were designed to allow developers to code close to the metal. PCs will have Mantle soon, but Mantle cannot be as efficient as a low level API for one specific GPU. What the PS4 is capable of currently will change in the future. It won't ever approach high-end PC capabilities (well not in the near future anyway, I'd say Infamous Second Son and The Order: 1886 look as good as most games that require high end PCs honestly), but don't assume that simply because an effect model is unattainable in its current implementation on the PS4 and Xbox One that it will always be impossible. Take SSAO in The Last of Us for instance. Nobody believed that the PS3 would be capable of anything beyond HDR at the beginning of last generation. That changed obviously. The same will happen with the PS4.

    Titanfall is held back by its horrible 10 year old engine. I know it's heavily modified, but Titanfall is not a pretty game by current gen standards either on Xbox One or PC. That was a development choice on their part. They could have used different engines on the different versions. They chose not to. Nobody will be holding Titanfall up as an example of graphic quality for this generation in a couple years time. Infamous Second Son is impressive graphically. Even Ryse is moderately impressive even though it's a cookie cutter reusable textures and models fest. Titanfall is honestly below average. Plenty of hype, but not a pretty game.

    Shader models are hardly the only graphic model that's pertinent here. I'll agree that the PS4 and Xbox One will be stuck on Shader Model 5. That doesn't mean games won't look progressively better as the generation progresses. You have lighting, reflections, refraction, layered shadowing, realistic water, motion capture, LOD, texture quality, mesh design, etc. that will all have a huge impact on how games look as well. These will obviously improve significantly over the course of this generation. I'm just saying that they'll look better on the PS4 than the Xbox One over all. That's it.

    DX11 isn't overly relevant to the conversation. While Xbox One does use a heavily modified version of DX 11.2 (or it should after the March update when they finally, hopefully, introduce tiling to combat the eSRAM problems) it's considerably different than the PC implementation of DX 11.2. OpenCL is considerably different. Not to mention that most developers won't be using these wrappers as much in another 2 to 3 years anyway. As the SDKs evolve they'll undoubtedly bypass the wrappers and go straight to the low level API where the true power of the consoles can be found.

    Anyway, this is getting really long. I agree that we'll see brick walls in some areas in regards to the PS4 and Xbox One for graphic implementation. In other areas, though, there's plenty of room for expansion. Games will obviously look better over the course of this generation, and effects have plenty of room for growth even within SM5.

  32. Patrick Frye

    Matthew Bryant I was mostly focusing on how PC games will be affected by current consoles and this statement:

    "This generation isn't even remotely similar to last generation and comparing the two is one huge fallacy of false analogy."

    That was true with the PS2/Xbox1 vs PS3/360. That was fixed function pipeline vs unified shader model and as I've already said SM5 capable GPUs have increased performance dramatically but functionality-wise SM3 introduced the majority of games' needs.

    My main point is that years ago mathematicians devised most of the graphics effects we're just using now. While, yes, obviously optimizations at the SDK/API level will occur, it's precisely because the last and the current generation are so similar that it's possible to predict what may be feasible. It's possible some math-head may surprise us but personally I found the graphics improvements during the PS3/360 era very predictable.

    I originally started this portion of the conversation focused on how the Xbone/PS4 will hold us back from full global illumination (among other things) and anything that requires a large amount of work to implement for PC only. A good analogy would be the cost of developing for the Wii U versus the PS4/Xbone. Many third party devs are very reluctant to develop Wii U titles even though the installed user base exceeds PS4 sales at the moment (I know there's a variety of other reasons). Although it's not as bad as porting between the Wii and PS3/360, functionality -wise the AMD GPU powering the Wii U is almost as capable as the PS4/Xbone but because of the performance gap there are significant development costs involved. In a similar manner I expect the same to be true for PC gaming.

  33. Patrick Frye

    Matthew Bryant I'm actually facing that debate myself right now. Except for a handful of PS3 exclusives I'm pretty much done with the system. And don't you know it I get the YLOD today…

  34. Matthew Bryant

    Why are we haters because we're reading an article and posting our opinions? Some people actually want a reason to buy a Xbox One. Articles like this definitely sway people one way or the other, but that's life. These articles should exist. Consumers have a right to now the value between two similar products. Stop getting pissy because your console of choice is less popular. You love the Kinect. Great. Most people don't. Get over it.

    I'm glad you like the Xbox One better. Variety is the spice of life. I just have no idea why you feel the need to write an essay on why you like the Xbox One more. Spend that energy on your English essays instead. 😉

  35. Matthew Bryant

    Patrick Frye It's still true today. Consoles have a lot more similarities to PCs nowadays, especially with hardware, but you can get far more performance from a console than you can a PC. It's not possible to optimize PC games anywhere near as well as console games. The low level API on consoles doesn't exist on PCs. On a PC it makes sense to talk about GPU wrappers, on a console they quickly become unimportant. Coding for a console is still very different than for a PC. You can reuse much of the code, because an object in C++ is the same for either platform. When it comes to rendering though, it's very different. You can take the easy way out and use a wrapper, but it strips you of a ton of power you would have if you used the low level API instead (which requires considerably more knowledge and can lead to very strange graphic glitches if you aren't careful).

    I don't know all the details regarding mathematicians theorizing how much power it will take to run various graphical effects, but I find it difficult to believe. I do code, and while math is a major part of most programs, it's more logic than math. There's no simple formula you can use to guess what code will look like before it's written. Sure, much of the code for effects follows real-world physics equations, but they often simplify it to create environments that are very similar to the real-world models, but requires far less performance. On a console these can be coded much closer to the metal to create an effect that requires far less power than it would on a PC. Not to mention that chips change and floating point operations are much less resource expensive today than they were 6 or 7 years ago.

    I don't agree that you can predict the power required for future effects with any real accuracy. You can make a guesstimate, and I could be wrong, but I honestly don't see how that's possible. The field changes far too fast for accurate estimates years in the future. Not to mention mathematicians aren't the ones who create the effects. Coders create the effects. Companies that create effects generally do have physicists on the payroll, but they just create the equations. The coders make it appear on the screen. They're two very different realities and you can't guess what the code will look like before it's written. No two people code the same and it's almost always possible to make code more efficient, especially once you learn the hardware better.

    Nothing was predictable about the PS3. Most experts in the field anticipated that the PS3 would be the less powerful console due to the weaker GPU. Nobody knew what to expect from parallel processing. They were still finding out more efficient ways to code using the cell processor up until the end of the generation. So to state that anything about the PS3's SDK development was predictable is really difficult to believe. It was a wild card. The PS3 surpassed everyone's expectations. The Last of Us shouldn't be possible on last gen consoles. The cell processor is a beast that's difficult to tame, but truly remarkable if you know how to develop for it. Much could be gained by moving to a parallel processing model, but it would require the entire industry to shift and it's unlikely to happen until it's unavoidable.

    Yes and no, the Wii U's low level API is considerably worse than that of the PS4 and Xbox One. Sony, in particular, basically opened up the insides of the console for developers to toy with. It can cause very unexpected situations, but it gives a tremendous amount of additional power to developers. I suspect that Sony will be hard at work streamlining their SDK to make it so developers really don't need to worry about the low level API personally, but rather work with a function library that does the work for them. I do agree that some things won't be possible on consoles. The original argument was about Xbox One vs PS4 and how resolution and framerate are not the only differences when it comes to graphic quality. The PS4 will be capable of higher quality effects than the Xbox One. I still stand by my argument. =P

  36. Michael Peacher

    I like the Sony exclusives and now superior 3rd party ports put PS4 over the top……

  37. Marcus Gonzalez

    If someone was using your logic of buying a GAMING console to stream services, the PS4 is still the better choice. Consumers are not blocked by a pay-wall, Xbox LIVE, which hinders you from watching your subscription services you already pay for. That is a joke.

    If you want interactive TV series paired with a game, MS is making a strong push. However, whose to say Sony will not do the same thing? Sony has way better knowledge and experience in making TV series.

    Exclusive IPs are a preference, but you can not say Dead Rising is the end all save all. Nor is Titanfall exclusive at all. MS FIRST party exclusives are far behind that of the PS brand. When was the last time one of their exclusives was even nominated for Game of the Year? Oh Halo, which they bought the company to own. Yet you have PS consistently turning out LofUS, Journey, Uncharted, GofW, on and on and on.

    Most Xbone exclusives will still be released on the PC, Titanfall, while the same can not be said for games developed by Sony for the PS4. So why buy a console that will have the same things on your super PC? NO reason.

    Your controller point is the only reason that you give that really is maybe better. But again, it's still all about preference.

  38. Ray Chosen Dioaktivman

    For media, you really want to combine Netflix and PLEX media server. Maybe add Hulu if you like television content. I have every move I could every want to watch on PLEX, and it streams to my PC, Macbook, iPhone, and Apple TV anywhere in the world that I am and have Internet access. I supplement it with Netflix, but I barely use that service. Hulu could fill in the TV gap. I would not subscribe to cable. Their business model is outdated and overpriced.

  39. Davius Reid

    Personally I bought a Xbox one because at the time it was cheaper than the PS4 at least at the place i got mine, and as far as gaming goes the only reason i would have gotten a ps4 would be to play a few imported Japanese games because most of the games i play are either rpg, sports or something on my wii u or 3ds so there was no reason for me to get a ps4

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