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Missing Pregnant Woman Carly Scott: Truck And Clothes Found, But Disappearance A Mystery

Missing pregnant woman Carly "Charli" Scott

A missing pregnant woman who vanished Sunday night on the Hawaiian island of Maui continues to baffle investigators, after her 1997 Toyota 4Runner SUV was found Wednesday badly burned and flipped on its side near a popular surfing spot.

Clothing items belonging to Carly “Charli” Scott, who was five and a half months pregnant when she disappeared, were found Thursday along Hawaii’s Hana Highway, near where she was last seen when she apparently vanished from the rear-view mirror of her ex-boyfriend.

A pitbull mix dog named Nala that belonged to the missing pregnant woman was discovered apparently unhurt about 20 miles from where Steven Capobianco says he saw her last. Carly Scott has bright red hair, stands about 5’10” and weighs approximately 160 pounds.

Capobianco, who believes he is the father of the unborn child carried by the missing pregnant woman, says that he realizes that he is the prime suspect in her disappearance.

“It’s undeniable,” said Capobianco. “So they’re not going to tell me details.” But police did tell him that he failed a polygraph test given when they took him in for questioning.

Investigators have not named any suspect in the mystery surrounding the missing woman.

Capobianco flatly denied harming his ex-girlfriend in any way. He said that he called her Sunday to give him a ride so he could fix his truck. Afterward, she was driving behind him on the Hana Highway when he noticed that she was no longer visible. But he says he thought nothing of it at the time.

“I sent her a text that said, ‘thank you,’ but I figured she was working, that’s why she didn’t get back to me right away,” the ex-boyfriend of the pregnant woman said. “It wasn’t until the cops showed up at my house at 5:30 in the morning the next day that I realized something was wrong.”

He said that he remained on friendly terms with Carly Scott after their relationship ended, and they “hooked up” occasionally. While he believes her baby is his, he said he cannot be certain.

Friends have created a Facebook page dedicated to finding the missing pregnant woman.

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13 Responses to “Missing Pregnant Woman Carly Scott: Truck And Clothes Found, But Disappearance A Mystery”

  1. Jeff Conway

    "Hooked up occasionally?" Is it just me that thinks it's women that are getting the short end of the staff in this new "friends with benefits age?"

  2. Jan Coldren-Camden

    Well, yes, but they can choose not to accept it. Men will be bums as long as women let them.

  3. Jared Amason

    Clinton Baysinger if he killed her, he dropped her in the ocean. He burned the car so that no DNA or evidence could be recovered from it. (I wouldn't suggest killing anyone Clinton, you couldn't get away with it)

  4. Doug Williams PolygraphCom

    Don't be fooled, the polygraph is not a "lie detector" – nor is it a "test"! In fact, it is nothing but a sick joke! It is an interrogation, an intimidation, an inquisition, a trial by ordeal – and the polygraph operator is the judge, jury, and executioner! If you are found guilty of lying, there is no appeal from his decision! And to make matters worse, even if you tell the complete truth you will probably still fail! Until you take a polygraph test, you have no idea how traumatic and grueling it can be – it is that way for a reason. The polygraphers want you to be so frightened that you "spill your guts". In fact, many people are so intimidated that they make statements that the polygrapher will use to incriminate them – some people are so frightened that they confess to things they haven't even done!
    It is FOOLISH and DANGEROUS to use the polygraph as "lie detector" – the theory of "lie detection" is nothing but junk science. It is based on a faulty scientific premise. The polygraph operators have the audacity to say that there is such a thing as a "reaction indicative of deception", when I can prove that "lying reaction" is simply a nervous reaction commonly referred to as the fight or flight syndrome. In fact, the polygraph is nothing but a psychological billy club that is used to coerce a person into making admissions or confessions. It is FOOLISH and DANGEROUS for government agencies to rely on the polygraph to "test" applicants, or to conduct any type of investigations relating to national security. It is FOOLISH and DANGEROUS for the criminal justice system to rely on an instrument that has been thoroughly discredited to determine whether or not a person is truthful or deceptive, or to use it to guide their investigations in any way – especially when the results cannot even be used as evidence in a court of law! And it is FOOLISH and DANGEROUS for anyone to believe they will pass their polygraph "test" if they just tell the truth! When you factor in all the damage done to people who are falsely branded as liars by these con men and their unconscionable conduct, this fraud of "lie detection" perpetrated by the practitioners of this insidious Orwellian instrument of torture should be outlawed! Shame on anyone who administers these "tests" – and shame on the government for continuing to allow this state sponsored sadism!

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