Mariah Carey Interview

Ariana Grande Isn’t Getting Much Love From Mariah Carey These Days [Video]

If Ariana Grande was hoping to receive some positive words from Mariah Carey, then she’ll have to wait for another interview.

The former American Idol judge recently sat down for a chat with 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, a conversation that included a number of interesting topics. Not only did she touch on Ariana Grande, she also discussed her stint on the aforementioned singing competition and her infamous 2001 meltdown.

Although Carey didn’t slam Grande outright, she didn’t say anything overly positive about the girl either. When asked what she thought about the recent comparisons, the singer avoided giving a direct answer in favor of addressing the “young Mariah” description.

“First of all, I’m still young ’cause I discount numbers. Numerically speaking, I stopped counting at 17,” the self-proclaimed diva explained.

She added, “But I wish everybody all the best of luck, and if this is the career they choose, I hope they can achieve longevity.”

Ariana Grande previously stated that she’s a pretty big fan of Carey’s music and career. The Sam & Cat star said she spent a lot of time listening to her songs back in the day.

“She’s an inspiration — she’s the greatest female vocalist, so [the comparison] was definitely a compliment,” Grande said. “Mariah and Whitney Houston were my goddesses growing up,” Grande explained last year.

Of course, her commentary about life didn’t begin and end with Ariana Grande. Mariah Carey also dished about her time on American Idol, an experience the singer obviously didn’t relish. Even a $12 million paycheck couldn’t keep her happy.

“I don’t even remember what that was. That was a moment in my life that I’m going to press delete,” Carey said. When asked about Nicki Minaj, the singer pretended she didn’t recognize the name.

The conversation also took trips through Glitter, an upcoming Christmas movie, and Nick Cannon. According to Carey, her husband needs to slow his roll and stop talking so much. This certainly isn’t the first time the singer has voiced her opinions about Cannon’s penchant for discussing their personal life.

“In his world, he feels, in the world of comedy, that he can have license to say things that he wants to say. But if it goes too far, that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna say, ‘Check please,'” she explained.

Carey added, “I can’t tell him don’t talk about this or that. But for me, I look at certain relationships in the public eye, and I think, ‘See that’s class, when you don’t have to talk about that relationship that much.’ I’d much prefer that he silencio, just a little bit.”

Are you surprised that Mariah Carey didn’t have much to say about Ariana Grande?

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