Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Cheating On Blake Lively With Sienna Miller

Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Cheating On Blake Lively With Sienna Miller

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may already be on the outs, with a report that the actor is getting unusually close to his Mississippi Grind co-star Sienna Miller.

While the cheating rumors are a bit vague, what is known is that Reynolds and Miller have been spending time together in Louisiana while filming the movie, which is about a down-on-his-luck man who teams up with a young and promising poker player for a road trip through the south.

The rest of the story is still just rumor. A report from Star Magazine said that Blake Lively is jealous of the situation, which puts her husband in the company of an “admitted cheater.”

“Blake is petrified that Ryan’ll be tempted to stray,” a source told the magazine.

The report is being met with a bit of skepticism. CelebDirtyLaundry pointed out Sienna Miller is happily married, and that Blake herself moved in on Ryan Reynolds when he was still with Scarlett Johansson.

The celebrity news site cast more doubt on the Ryan Reynolds cheating rumor:

“Well, this whole story is based on a lie, so it’s hard to believe the rest of it. Blake and Ryan are actually spending time together on the set of Mississippi Grind in Louisiana, and Blake’s actually with Ryan part-time in his temporary housing during filming. Considering that she doesn’t start filming Age of Adaline just yet, what else is she doing to do?”

The rumor that Ryan is cheating also goes against past reports that the couple was happy and looking forward to starting a family. Last year Blake shared her desire to have babies as soon as possible.

“My youngest daughter is newly married and wants a big family,” her father told People. “She says she wants 30 kids. I said, ‘Why don’t you start with one?’ ”

Ryan Reynolds added that he wants to have children soon, though would leaving the timing of it all up to Blake.

“I would like to have children, but actually it’s not really up to me,” he said.

There were even rumors late last year that Blake Lively was pregnant, though that seems to have panned out about as much as the Ryan Reynolds cheating report — not at all.