Austin Mahone Wild N' Out

Austin Mahone Slated To Appear On ‘Wild ‘N Out’ With Nick Cannon

Austin Mahone fans have another reason to shriek and squeal this year.

Not only did the pop star shoot some scenes for the popular sitcom The Millers, he also landed a spot on Nick Cannon’s show Wild ‘N Out. The MTV2 series returns later this year, though Mahone is preparing to film his bit very soon.

If you don’t spend a lot of time watching shows on the MTV, then you have may have missed the original Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out a few years ago. The series ran from 2005 until 2006, though the network decided to bring it back for another go-around on MTV2.

In short: It’s a game show centered around improv and sketch comedy. That means Austin Mahone will need to brush up on his jokes before getting down to business. Fans who are curious to see how the singer stands up against other comedians can check out his episode on the network this summer.

Those who can’t wait a few months to catch Mahone in action can always attend the taping of Wild N’ Out. However, you’ll need to act fast — the taping takes place tomorrow (February 13) in New York City. To score some tickets for you and your pals, pay a visit to this website and enter the promo code AUSTIN.

Nick Cannon previously said that he never really wanted the show to go away. However, hosting gigs and problems with the program’s budget ultimately got in the way.

“It never felt like one of those things like, ‘Oh, it’s over.’ It was more like I’ll do it again when I have time because when I created this show it was out of fun. I wanted to create a show for my friends to get some exposure. Honestly, when we started, I thought it was gonna be like a special or something,” Cannon told XXL.

He added, “I actually shot it with my own money and I was like, ‘This is something cool we can do every once in a while. No, it’s a hit, you gotta keep going!’ So we went for four seasons and even when we stopped I knew I wanted to do it again eventually.”

Austin Mahone’s appearance is presently slated to air at some point this summer. Make sure you keep your eyes glued to either MTV2 or one of the singer’s social media outlets to figure out when his episode hits the digital airwaves.

Are you looking forward to seeing Austin Mahone on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out?