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Obama And Beyonce: Beyond Belief That They Are Having An Affair?

Obama Beyonce

Allegations are circulating in the French media that Barack Obama and superstar singer Beyonce are having a serious affair.

They emerged just as President Francois Hollande arrived in America on an official state visit without his former partner, Valérie Trierweiler.

Rumors of the affair between Obama and Beyonce – who is married – were first made on the radio station, Europe 1, this morning.

It was also rumored that The Washington Post was about to break the story, but Kristine Coratti, director of communications for the newspaper, said: “I can tell you that it’s false,” adding “The Washington Post does not produce articles” of this kind.

The existence of the alleged relationship was revealed by Pascal Rostain, the photographer who last month took photographs of President Hollande secretly visiting a Paris apartment on a moped and wearing a crash helmet. The allegations of an affair between Hollande and actress Julie Gayet were eventually confirmed.

He said the exposure of any kind of affair between President Obama, 52, and Beyonce, 32, would send shockwaves around the world.

How did he make the connection?

Well, Beyonce sang “America the Beautiful” at Obama’s inauguration in 2009, and they have not hidden the fact that they are friends.

Rostain told interviewer Jean-Marc Morandini:

“You know, at this moment, in the United States, there’s something huge which is about to happen. Indeed, it will come out tomorrow in the Washington Post.

We cannot say that it is from the gutter press – a supposed liaison between President Barack Obama and Beyonce. I can assure you that the world will talk.”

Mr Rostain’s claims were repeated in a range of respected publications in France, including Le Figaro and Le Point.

To substantiate his claims, Rostain said:

“For the first time, there are still images or televised ones of the Obama couple becoming a bit distant. One can legitimately pose questions. We were told the same thing by the pictures of Hollande and Trierweiler.”

He pointed out that the 20 year age gap between Obama and Beyonce is almost the same as that between Hollande, 59, and Gayet, 41.

President Obama has made no secret of the fact that he is a fan of the singer. He has invited her to perform on numerous occasions – singing that is – including at Michelle’s 50th birthday party at the White House last month.

Inquistr has reported rumors of increasing tensions in the Obama marriage, especially following the infamous “selfie” Obama took with blonde Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.

On the other hand, Beyonce’s marriage to the rapper Jay Z is supposed to be without problems.

President Hollande arrives in America not accompanied by his former partner, Valerie Trierweiler, and his affair with Julie Gayet is said to be continuing back in France.

By the way, when questioned more closely about the Obama-Beyonce claims today, Pascal Rostain said they were a “joke.”

He had better hope that President Obama and Beyonce are laughing!

And Michelle!

obama beyonce 2

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89 Responses to “Obama And Beyonce: Beyond Belief That They Are Having An Affair?”

  1. Thabo Mokgomo

    Barack Obama is one of the best president the world has ever give birth to.He is in the class of the late president Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton.

  2. Bolarinde Matthew Akinbinu

    People like to create a scene, cooked up story because they want to be seeing or heard. They do that because they know if they were to be in Obama's shoe, they have the tendency or potential to do exactly same. Evil heart produce evil thought and intention which in turn produce evil action. They are present everywhere.

  3. Osi-Umar Bashiru

    I totally agree with you and i know Obama is more intelligent than that and giving the incident of Clinton and Monica, Obama will never make that mistake…

  4. Wandji Espina Tchaptchet

    Obama can never do such a thing. So you guys can't see somebody from appearance and know that s/he can't do such nonsense? Those people are only jealous of Obama.

  5. Auggee Alvarado

    Why not? Both (Obama /Beyonce) are physically attractive with both having unattractive (ugly) espouses. Both are equally talented and surely equal intelligence and skills. So naturally the attraction becomes mutual.

  6. Little Goef

    Obama is realy a man evry woman would like to have, so no one even jay z beyonce's fiancee should be surprise about the fact that both obama/beyonce are having an affairs. Obama is capable of doing anything that wil make him feel good likewise beyonce.

  7. Robert Kelly

    thanks for your honesty….even though it isn't "confirmed"…anyway Clinton, FDR others did the same 'thang', right? Thanks for your honesty…change your name to BIG GEOF!!!

  8. Batulabudde Charles

    obama may be up to getting a male child
    he has reallised his wife will never do so, and its very disappointing to leave thid world without a male child though they are all children.

  9. Allen Afun-Terry

    has it come to that, aah! for the will do or say anything to for-fill their every wish, what example are thought among the next generation. wow..,

  10. Robert Kelly

    Mzwandile Siyaya – a reminder..Bill Clinton was a President, and had sex with Monica Lewinsky IN the White House….I as an American, was/still am ashamed of that act…

  11. Tony Nzurumike


  12. Collins Aguh

    People should check before reporting any happening from there fellings. Obama name hold lots of credablity that why the use it…

  13. Sandra Rennie

    Oh please – get real you sensationalists ! Does Barack Obama want to be impeached?
    No ! So this is just complete rubbish ! He would not dare cross Michelle Obama, and he might like Beyonce but that doesn't mean he's having an affair.

  14. Robert Kelly

    Sandra, are you sure he's ashamed? do you have a personal "window" to his soul?? hell, he probably secretly video taped that sex act! lol…

  15. Robert Kelly

    Harry Trueman once said, "When any president leaves "dirt", in the White House…it STAYS THERE, forever." I would agree with President Trueman…

  16. Robert Kelly

    Nice example Mzwandile…sex with a young girl (20), in the White House?! Is that your "example" of being President of the most powerful country in the world? He could have been working on World Hunger, World Peace..or eating fries at McDonald's, like he used to do, a lot! lol…"Slick Willy"!

  17. Mzwandile Siyaya

    Robert Kelly I think the solution in all this matter is the stigma that lies in President office! that Mr Trueman once mentioned before that the dirt will STAYS THERE?

  18. Zipporah Ngadada


  19. Odum Edith

    Tsaed Kidza Obama is a different kind of a human my friend, there is a dream he is after, most of all, he knows where he is coming from, and knows where he is going, he look too focused to be distracted. accusers of brethren, also known as enermy of progress, JUST WANT THEIR VOICE TO BE HEARD,Period!! Please, dont be distracted my beautiful first lady, if you are good and dont have enermies, means your good hasnt shine forth. cheers!

  20. Odum Edith

    Robert Kelly watch out mate, very soon someone somewhere will accuse Obama of sexual assualt, why? you may ask, people of the world do not like good, nor do they like a peacfull place, they always want to stir up trouble, because one ex-president did it doesnt mean all will, can you record any other ex-president that it happend to before Bill Cliton? dont you think, Bill Cliton's mistake opened doors for evil to destroy even the good and innocent, becareful guys, before what you wrongly acouse people of end up on your steps.

  21. Eric Banwon

    The President should expect public ridicule or criticism from his opponents. Mr. President I salute you! People usually say: if you pay attention to the noise in the market, you'll not buy what you went to………..

  22. Joseph Kamande

    But they are two beautiful people married to ugly spouses… hehe…. it could happen

  23. Geoffrey Mweberi

    what the he'll about, you live in scandals, eat and sleep scandal, Obama not stupid however man weak by nature, Clinton affairs very fresh

  24. Prince Nwachinaemere Samuel

    Is none of my concern, birds of same feathers flock together therefore I don't care. There is nothing I will hear about them that will surprise me. I will be curious if Obama, beyounce, Wilfred wake anytime soon and proclaimed that God is real and Jesus Christ is the Son of God and said also there is HEAVEN and hellfire. This where I will be concerns. God help and bless USA.

  25. Prince Nwachinaemere Samuel

    Is none of my concern, birds of same feathers flock together therefore I don't care. There is nothing I will hear about them that will surprise me. I will be curious if Obama, beyounce, Wilfred wake anytime soon and proclaimed that God is real and Jesus Christ is the Son of God and said also there is HEAVEN and hellfire. This where I will be concerns. God help and bless USA.

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