Jen Selter's competition Alexandra Bring

Jen Selter Vs. Sweden’s Alexandra Bring For Internet Butt Title — We Report, You Decide [Photos]

Jen Selter, the Long Island self-styled fitness guru who has become famous and recently, rather wealthy thanks largely to a posterior generally rated as the best on the internet, may have some competition from overseas. A Swedish fitness instructor named Alexandra Bring is attempting make a grab at Selter’s title.

The rise of Jen Selter has been rather meteoric. Since starting her Instagram account in 2012, she quietly accrued about a million followers, mainly by posting pictures of herself in various poses that place the focus of attention directly on her meticulously sculpted buttocks.

There was never anything raunchy or rude about Jen Selter’s butt-shots. The most risque she ever got was a somewhat skimpy bikini-bottom in a few shots. Nevertheless, under the mainstream media radar, she drew quite a following on line.

Then came the mainstream media in on the act. A January 2 New York Post article led to widespread coverage and before the first month of 2014 was out, major agency representation and a big endorsement deal with a fitness equipment manufacturer.

So what does Alexandra Bring bring? For one, unlike Jen Selter, Bring boasts that she has actually studied nutrition and weight counseling and already has a well-trafficked fitness blog. Like Jen Selter, Alexandra Bring is gaining recognition through her Instagram account.

But her 212,703 followers — and counting as her publicity gets rolling — is not even 10 percent of the 2,371,018 that Jen Selter has on her Instagram, at latest tally.

It may also be a disadvantage with male followers that Alexandra Bring on her Instragram account also features a well-muscled young gentleman who appears to be her romantic interest.

Jen Selter, on the other hand, has created the illusion of availability, recently declaring that her dating activities consist of “playing the field and having a blast.”

So you can compare the pictures above and below, and make your own judgement. Does Jen Selter hold on to her championship belt? Or does the challenger, Alexandra Bring, win by a knockout?