Pomona Freeway Crash Caused By Drunk Wrong-Way Driver

Pomona Freeway Crash Caused By Drunk Wrong-Way Driver [Video]

The Pomona freeway crash was caused by a drunk driver driving in the wrong lane according to police officials.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, another car crash in San Francisco killed one person and injured three.

Authorities say a red Chevy Camaro caused the Pomona freeway crashed when it collided head-on with a red Ford Explorer. The resulting pileup ended in crumpled vehicles and bodies littering the highway, with two of the six dead ejected out onto the asphalt. Four of these people were pronounced dead on site but two others died in emergency rooms at an area hospital. One other man suffered minor injuries.

California Highway Patrol spokesman Rodrigo Jimenez says the Pomona freeway crash was “100 percent preventable”:

“Not only are the parties who are involved affected by this, but the family members of the parties. As an emergency personnel, this is something that we never want to see. We train for this but never actually have to want to use that training.”

Amazingly, the person allegedly the cause of the accident survived the Pomona freeway crash with a broken femur and a ruptured bladder. Highway patrol officers “believe from what they found in the vehicle that alcohol was involved” so they arrested the 21-year-old female driver named Olivia Carolee Culbreath based upon the suspicion of drunk driving. Culbreath is expected to face felony manslaughter charges. Police are already requesting blood tests of the suspect but the officers in charge say they have “sufficient evidence and believe that she was impaired at the time.”

The identities of the victims haven’t been released but there was one man and give women. Two of the victims in this California car crash were inside the Camaro with Culbreath. They are described as being two female adult passengers but their relationship to the drunk driver has not been released.