San Dieg triple homicide victims

San Diego Triple Homicide: Gianni Belvedere Cause of Death Revealed

The San Diego triple homicide case that has baffled police and riveted the public since Christmas Eve took a significant new turn yesterday. Investigators now know what killed the third victim, Gianni Belvedere.

Gianni Belvedere’s brother Salvatore, and Gianni’s finacé Ilona Flint, both 22, were shot in the head in the early morning hours of December 24 as they sat in a car outside a San Diego Macy’s store. At the time, Gianni Belvedere, 24, went missing and despite rampant speculation that the murders may have resulted from some kind of love triangle situation, he was never considered a suspect by San Diego investgators.

As The Inquisitr, which has covered the tragic case from the beginning, reported, the love triangle rumor was definitively ruled out when Gianni Belvedere’s badly decomposed body was found January 17 in the trunk of his own Toyota Camry, parked 90 miles north at a Jack in the Box fast food joint in Riverside, California, making the case a triple homicide.

However, due to the state of Gianni Belvedere’s body, a cause of death was difficult to determine. But Friday, San Diego police announced that Gianni Belvedere died the same way his brother and bride-to-be met their fates.

He was shot in the head.

Investigators said he suffered at least one gunshot wound in his head that could not have been survived.

Ilona Flint died at the scene of the shooting. Salvatore Belvedere was critically wounded and perished in a hospital three days later. San Diego police, and the Riverside coroner, have not figured out when and where Gianni Belvedere was killed. Or if they have, they aren’t saying.

In fact, the San Diego investigators — who have already ruled out robbery as a motive for the the mysterious triple homicide — say that they will not be revealing any more details about the death of Gianni Belvedere until his autopsy report is finished and official.

In another new development in the tragic triple homicide case, a local San Diego TV station obtained logs from the San Diego 911 dispatcher showing that Ilona Flint placed an emergency call 23 seconds before she was murdered. It was previously believed that she dialed 911 after being shot in the head.

According to San Diego news station CBS 8, Flint called 911 from what the dispatchers log calls the Mission Valley Westhills Mall. The actual name is Westfield Mall, but CBS 8 has not determined if the mistake was the dispatcher’s or Flint’s. It was also impossible to figure out if Salvatore Belvedere had already been shot at the time Flint placed her 911 call.

But 23 seconds after the call was answered, Flint was heard to yell, “Ouch I’ve been shot!” Three seconds later, her voice went silent.

Police are seeking a “person of interest” in connection with the San Diego triple homicide. According to The San Diego Union Tribune, this person is described as, “a man in his 20s of unknown race, about 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet tall, wearing a black, hooded sweat shirt with distinctive white stripes around the upper sleeves, tan pants and white tennis shoes.”

The Belvedere family has posted a $10,000 reward for information that leads to a solution of the San Diego triple homicide mystery.