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Iran Warships Headed Toward United States Maritime Borders As Tensions Rise

Iran Warships Headed Toward United States Borders As Tensions Rise

Iran is sending warships toward United States maritime borders as tensions between the nations continue to rise.

On Friday the Iranian news organization Fars reported that the warships were meant as a response to the United States stationing vessels in the Gulf.

“Iran’s military fleet is approaching the United States’ maritime borders, and this move has a message,” the agency quoted Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad as saying.

Iran is reportedly sending the warships toward the Atlantic Ocean by South Africa, though US officials expressed doubts that the ships would truly approach US maritime borders.

In the past few months there have been growing tensions between Iran and the United States over use of the Gulf. The US maintains bases in the region, including one in the kingdom of Bahrain, and says it wants to maintain freedom to navigate in waters that contain 40 percent of the world’s seaborne oil exporting traffic.

But Iran has resisted the encroaches into what it sees as its territory.

Tensions between the nations came to a head in September when Iran reportedly threatened to attack if the United States followed through on threats to strike Syria. The threat, reportedly intercepted from Iran to militants in Iraq, included plans to strike the US Embassy and other American interests in Iraq if the United States sent cruise missiles toward Syria.

The United States has also conducted war games in the region, reportedly to defer Iran from blocking the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Gulf, which it has threatened to do if it came under military attack for its nuclear program.

The warships Iran has sent to the Atlantic Ocean include a destroyer and a helicopter-carrying supply ship, which departed last month from the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas. The ships are reportedly on a three-month mission.

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26 Responses to “Iran Warships Headed Toward United States Maritime Borders As Tensions Rise”

  1. James Potter

    Iran's war ships are no threat to our borders. They are ill armed, poorly trained, and "wanna be's" in Naval power. Old American PT boats could send the to the bottom in a heart beat, creating more coral reefs for us. Let them bluster, that's all they can do and they truly know it.

  2. Efren Ting Yu

    the u.s. government's global influence had been challenge by many countries of the world. the US is perceived to be world number 1 bullyist. just taking on small and weak countries but afraid to face countries of their level or staure like Russia or China Head-on. With this kind of actions, how could they assert themselves to be world superpower. Instead of protecting the weak countries from oppresssion and exploitation, they themselves are the one doing it for economic gain at the expense of defenseless weak countries. In the past, perception was: in places there are russians expect troubles and wars. but now, where there are americans in any parts of the world, you can not find peace, because they always mind the country at peace and provoke war on several peace loving countries. That's American style and concept of democracy. always mendling on other countries internal affairs. There will be no peace in this world with continuous american aggression and exploitations.

  3. Joey Abendano Aguillon

    how about chinese bullying smaller countries in the south-east asia region??? are you so sure that the u.s is afraid to take china Head-on???

  4. Thomas Giurtino

    Lol, wo de pengyou, you're a bit ignorant of Chinese (PRC) history, no? In order to protect our borders, lets invade other countries! Let's also illegally occupy Tibet while we're at it.

  5. Rain Paulo Aniate

    china is nothing to u.s…efren ting yu u go back to china get out in phil…

  6. Renner Naif

    Rain Paulo Aniate you probably might have been brainwashed by Fox and CNN.

  7. Renner Naif

    No matter how mighty a nation may be but the sun will not shine forever in the West. I think that the West should take the lesson from the Soveit Union and the history of world powers in the ancient times. The British empire who its leader at that time said that 'the sun never sets in the empire of Britain' had eaten his words. Soon, Americans will meet the same fate!!!

  8. Christopher Kanaan

    The US would send those ships to the bottom of the ocean in about two seconds if they perceive a genuine threat. US controls Saudi Arabia and all Gulf states, too. They'd have Khamenei on trial in New York tomorrow if they wanted.

  9. Renner Naif

    Do not be too confident with it Chris. The US cannot act alone on its own in a fear of defeat if he acts alone to tackle up any country head-on. I remember that the US has given approval to a proposal in the White House for a military strike in Syria but when Britain said they dont want to be involved then the US backed down. I tjink thst that you have to know who the Iranians are, so long as the blood of Great Persian emperors who once reigned almost one fourth of the planet earth is flowing in the veins of every Iranian then I dont think what you claim that they can have Khaminie on trial in Washington tomorrow is a funny joke.

  10. Renner Naif

    Like what ive said earlier in my post that 'Nothing under the sun last long'.

  11. Christopher Kanaan

    Renner Naif , there is no need for the US to attack Iran. What hampered the US from entering Syria was due to Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey supporting radical extremists. Look at how embattled Erdogan is come, Assad will likely out survive him politically (when Turkish elections are in March). I believe Europe and the US perceive Erdogan has a danger- hence his current fate, just like the ousted 'fugitive' Ukrainian former President, see how quickly he went? Yet, they let Khamenei stay! Same as Assad, but not dangerous Saddam or Qaddafi? The US people would not accept Obama from siding with the same side as Al Qaida against a dictator with blood of his own people (not the Twin Towers) on his hands (such as Saddam Hussein and thelies of WMD). It's not something BHO could justify.

    If the US engineered the tide of the battle vis a vis Iran/Syria, they did so brilliantly Iran is now fighting extremists that were previously 'at war' with the Americans- they are hitting two birds with one stone. Iran has become the most detested entity in the Arab world. We know that Iran doesn't dare strike an American warship. They know their fate in advance if they do. There is little to no talk of intervention in Iran as there was a couple years ago, the Americans have turned their Saudi allies and all of their crazy minion followers on the heretical Persians, they are now doing the work for them.

    As for the Arabian Gulf (UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, even the 2nd empire of Al Saud), all imaginary countries structured by Britain and USA in modern times for oil purposes only. Iran is surrounded by US military bases in countries they own! If there is a country to succeed US as a military superpower, it certainly will not be Iran!

  12. Renner Naif

    Christopher Kanaan thats exactly what the Soviet was doing to their targets but what happened next was, in spite of their military power and their huge size geographically, the lost almost half of their ill-gotten territories and those countries whihc once under their control rose up arms against them that brought the Soviet on her knees. Believe me that all supremacists dont last longer.

  13. Renner Naif

    As for Iran, if so that 'history repeat itself' is true then I think that its not far from reality that the same fate of the Persians will revolve once again in due time. When? well, nobody can say it what is certain is that 'it will be' and that is what the West and their friends in the Persian Gulf (Not Arabian Gulf) and especially the Jewish state are fearful of…you bet!

  14. Christopher Kanaan

    Renner Naif Pesia could have evolved before 1979. With such brilliant minds as the ones you see in the 'Wilayet al Faqih' regime- a regime which thinks that God has made their leader his leader on earth, you shouldn't find it surprising they can't acquire parts for their own airplanes (US made Boeings by the way). Any culture that cuts body parts and hangs people by cranes, imposes dress codes on women and puts you in jail if you think freely will never rival any western society. The only rivals Iran has that are formidable is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, another dreadful intolerant society with similar human rights practices.

  15. Renner Naif

    Onirac Ybbob is that all what you can say? Isnt it childish posting ''wehhhh''?

  16. Miklos Halasz

    tha persians should get ashemed for kiling all those students. total
    iresponsibel nuts . the new president semms more normal but one never knows
    with iranians hypocracy .by the way nuclear weapons did only harm the World .

  17. Miklos Halasz

    the chinrse only stealy from every coutry shamlesly greedy exploting people in a maner that is shamneless

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