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Demi Lovato Blames Wilmer Valderrama Engagement Rumors On A Single Tweet

Demi Lovato credits a single tweet for sparking rumors that she’d gotten engaged to boyfriend and former That ’70s Show star Wilmer Valderrama.

Reports about the couple taking the next step in their relationship began after the singer issued a post on Twitter about her significant other. Apparently people read a little too much into the message — it turns out Lovato isn’t getting hitched anytime soon.

During an interview with Extra, Demi told Mario Lopez that she’s madly in love with Wilmer Valderrama. However, the innocent tweet in question was simply blown out of proportion by her followers on social media.

“I’ve heard the rumors, even people who were really close to me called me and were like, ‘Are you engaged?’ No, I tweet one thing… I think the tweet was ‘I never felt more incredible in this moment than I have in my entire life,’ honestly, it was just because I was healthy and happy and at peace in my mind, and I was looking at the future,” Demi Lovato said.

She continued, “I was like, wow, I have so much going for me and people were like, ‘She’s engaged.’ I was like, ‘Honey, if I was engaged, I would be showing the rock off, I’m not gonna be one of those girls that hides it.”

If Demi Lovato does have plans to get married, then it probably won’t happen anytime soon. The singer just kicked off her Neon Lights tour, a series of gigs that will take her all over the country. Judging from her recent tweets, the singer is genuinely excited about taking the stage.

Lovato intends to have a ton of fun on her tour, though she’s making sure everyone on-board will party without drugs or alcohol. The singer told Lopez that she’s banning this sort of behavior while she’s on the road.

“Everyone on the team is required to stay clean and focused, it’s not about trying to party, it’s about putting on the best show and everyone needs to be in tip top shape to do so. I’ve never had a show like this in my life and I’ve never been so fired up for a tour,” she said.

Are you planning to catch Demi Lovato while she’s on tour this year?