Las Vegas Lion's Share

Las Vegas Slot Machine Teases $2.3 Million Payout, Gamblers Keep Trying Their Luck

An ancient Las Vegas slot machine that hasn’t paid out in decades has captured the collective imagination of gamblers from all walks of life.

The three-reel slot machine currently calls the floor of the MGM Grand home. For the past two decades, gamblers of all ages have pumped money in the machine in hopes of snagging the sizable jackpot. Unfortunately for those contenders, it has refused to pay out.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the slot machine’s jackpot now sits at an incredibly tidy $2.3 million. Not surprisingly, a number of folks have ventured to the MGM Grand in hopes to getting the machine to cough up the cash.

People can try their luck at the Lion Share’s slot machine for bets of $1, $2, and $3. However, it’s the pricier option that gives you a shot at the jackpot. Since the machine offers smaller payouts, this is often enough to keep gamblers feeding money into the machine for hours on end.

As long as you have the cash to spare, you can sit at Lion’s Share for as long as you like. Engineer Justin Paulus told WSJ that he frequently fell asleep at the machine while trying to secure the jackpot last year.

“Security kept coming over to wake me up, but they didn’t say I had to leave. So I’d wake up, press a button, and then fall asleep again. I just have this feeling it’s going to hit soon,” the 23-year-old Arizona resident explained.

Headlines & Global News reports that the Las Vegas slot machine is first come, first serve. This means that you might have to find something else to do if another gambler has already claimed the seat. Since the jackpot is presently perched at $2.3 million, people are more than willing to wait their turn.

“It’s become a meeting spot for us. We have friends we’ve made just from waiting at the machine,” Ken Keufler explained.

His wife added, “If he could sleep with this machine, he would.”

If you’re feeling particularly lucky during your next trip to Las Vegas, then stop by the MGM Grand and give the Lion’s Share slot machine a shot. You never know what might happen.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]