'COD: Ghosts' 'Modern Warfare' sequel Sledgehammer Games

‘COD: Ghosts’ Sequel Developer Rotation Adds One More, Aiming For Higher Quality

COD: Ghosts‘ sequel is aiming to fix the problem Activision discovered last year with their long running series. The developer rotation for Call of Duty titles from now on has now been turned up to three.

Alongside Treyarch and Infinity Ward, which have been switching back and forth since the series began, Activision has now added Sledgehammer Games. Having co-developed Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer has done this all before, but now they are part of a new three developer rotation aiming to improve the quality of the Call of Duty games from now on. Hopefully giving the producers three years each will allow them to bring the series back from its stale outing last year with COD: Ghosts.

The Call of Duty series has always been top sellers, but according to the COD: Ghosts review archives, it was the worst in the series since it began. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Activision almost lost its license to make Call of Duty after a record drop in review scores.

Perhaps the COD: Ghosts sequel will add to and innovate the formula that the games seem to have gotten stuck in, and make a game that will do to the Call of Duty series what Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag did for Ubisoft’s yearly release. 2014 could be a good year as Activision’s bestselling video game comes back with their best entry since Modern Warfare 2. On that note, the new game is said to be another Modern Warfare entry.

With the next gen consoles now in gamers’ hands, the bar has been raised and everybody is expecting something to blow their minds. As a result, more development time may be necessary to produce more stunning results and put more into a game we expect a lot from.

Activision may be on to something, adding Sledgehammer Games into the developer rotation and giving them all three years instead of two to put out better games from now on. This certainly gives us high hopes for the COD: Ghosts or Modern Warfare sequel.

Are you excited for Call of Duty 2014?