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Katy Perry Worshipped Satan At The Grammys With Some Help From The Beatles

Katy Perry couldn’t have freely worshipped Satan at the 2014 Grammy Awards without a little help from the Beatles.

The singer’s “Dark Horse” performance at the awards ceremony definitely caught the world’s attention, though some folks were deeply offended by some of the imagery on display. Not only did Perry draw the ire of Glenn Beck, she also managed to irritate religious broadcaster Kevin Swanson.

According to the Generations Radio host, the Beatles are ultimately responsible for laying the groundwork for Katy Perry’s blasphemous performance nearly 50 years ago. In fact, Swanson wasn’t a huge fan of the entire Grammys broadcast.

“The 2014 Grammy celebration was a celebration of fornication, twerking, stripping (and) satanic rituals topped off with about 34 [inaudible] weddings conducted by a lesbian with music provided by Madonna, so yeah, the homosexuals getting married and the tradition of the Caesar Nero, was basically a pagan, satanic orgy,” he explained.

Swanson continued, “Katy Perry and all her friends, apostates from faith, they move gradually out of the Christian faith and into a secular, demonic approach to things and they move out of the Christian — this is how you get from a 55 percent church attendance ratio for the Silent Generation to 18 percent for the Millennial Generation down to 4 percent in the year 2025.”

Swanson went on to say that the Beatles essentially helped undermine civilization by moving from harmless pop songs to edgier material prior to their breakup. In his opinion, they’re entirely responsible for what went down at the awards show.

“The 2014 Grammys celebrated the Beatles yet again, and I think that’s important because the Beatles opened things up for us, that’s how we got to the drug culture of 1969s and 1970s,” Swanson added.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Glenn Beck took issue with Katy Perry’s performance at the Grammys. Beck said that the singer was essentially glorifying demonic worship by incorporating satanic imagery into the show.

“The fire in the circle, her hanging onto the witch’s broom, and the guys with the gigantic horns on their head in the background… I mean, it is full-fledged witchcraft and demonic glorification, I think,” he explained.

Beck added, “It’s not going to end well. We’re worshiping a god that is glorifying division. It is glorifying just bad things, dark things, dark thoughts. It is glorifying envy and greed, stuff, materialism. It’s not a good path.”

Do you think Katy Perry’s performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards was satanic? Do you think the Beatles are to blame for the downfall of civilization?