5 Things You Didn’t Know About Imagine Dragons

Grammy-Winning rock band Imagine Dragons has blasted through the airwaves with immensely popular titles like “Demons,” “Radioactive,” and “It’s Time.” Most people who listen to local radio stations are familiar with their music, but here are a few things you may not have known.

1. They do a lot of covers.
Initially, Imagine Dragons did a lot of other musicians’ songs, which is not unusual for nascent young bands who don’t have a lot of resources. They once did a six-hour gig in Las Vegas that incorporated mostly other people’s work into the show.

2. You might have seen them in Vegas.
Speaking of Vegas, which is often hailed as the retirement community of musicians, that’s actually largely where they started out. While they spent plenty of time in Provo, UT and Boise, ID, the large part of their early career was spent rocking Las Vegas. Again, they did a lot of covers in Vegas, but also started debuting some of their own stuff.

3. This is their first arena tour.
Singer Dan Reynolds admitted that their upcoming Boise-based tour is a first for them, in that they have never performed in an arena before. While an arena may seem like a staple to other performers who have been around a lot longer, it seems that Imagine Dragons’ gigs have mostly been in smaller venues.

4. No, they’re not a Christian band.
While singer Dan Reynolds and drummer Andrew Tolman met at Brigham Young University, and some of their songs, notably “Demons,” have decidedly Christian rock overtones, Imagine Dragons members say that you can’t shoehorn them into the Christian rock genre. They try to fit their music to what they’re feeling when they write it, but don’t make any overt references to any religion.

5. How they got their name is a secret.
Imagine Dragons front runner Dan Reynolds has admitted only that “Imagine Dragons” is an anagram made up from other words, but none of them will reveal the words. Indeed, they haven’t even told their families. While a word-savvy sleuth might be able to rearrange the letters to find the possible source for the band’s name, they can only guess.

Imagine Dragons has exploded onto the music scene, and has been handsomely rewarded for their excellent work. Their upcoming tour will be an eye-opener to band members and fans alike, and there appears to be more to come.