Katy Perry Spearmint Rhino

Katy Perry, John Mayer Head To A Strip Club After The Super Bowl

Katy Perry and John Mayer reportedly spent a significant chunk of change at a California strip club following the Super Bowl last Sunday.

After the Seattle Seahawks thoroughly crushed the Denver Broncos at the annual sporting event, Perry and Mayer decided to take the festivities to the Spearmint Rhino in Santa Barbara. According to sources, the happy coupled show up at the strip club at around 11 pm Sunday evening with a handful of friends.

In addition posing for pictures with a few of the club’s strippers, Katy Perry reportedly spent upwards of $1,000 at the Spearmint Rhino. The folks over at TMZ claim the singer also received a few private dances during her stay as well.

Check out some photos of Katy Perry hanging with a few strippers below. Don’t worry — these images are entirely safe for work.

Assuming that Katy Perry had her money riding on the Seattle Seahawks, the “Roar” singer has a few other things to celebrate lately. Not only was she the first person to reach 50 million followers on Twitter, she also scored another hit with the single “Dark Horse.”

According to Billboard, the collaboration with rapper Juicy J found its way to the top of the Hot 100 chart for the second week in a row. Although Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” was another popular choice among modern music fans, it couldn’t knock Perry’s track out of the top spot.

“This number one is the most unexpected one I’ve ever had. ‘Dark Horse’ has been a dark horse of a song, since August when the KatyCats voted to release it early on iTunes, before ‘Prism’ even came out. I’m so thrilled and grateful to have these moments,” she previously told Billboard.

Unfortunately, Katy Perry’s performance of “Dark Horse” at the 2014 Grammy Awards generated headlines for all the wrong reasons. Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck seemed to think the singer was attempting to spread the teachings of Satan with the tune.

“The fire in the circle, her hanging onto the witch’s broom, and the guys with the gigantic horns on their head in the background… I mean, it is full-fledged witchcraft and demonic glorification, I think,” Beck explained.

He added, “It’s not going to end well. We’re worshiping a god that is glorifying division. It is glorifying just bad things, dark things, dark thoughts. It is glorifying envy and greed, stuff, materialism. It’s not a good path.”

If Glenn Beck was completely flabbergasted by Katy Perry’s performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards, then he’s probably extremely shocked about her recent trip to the Spearmint Rhino and the cash she dropped on a few strippers.