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Kim Pham Trial: Nightclub Death Blamed On Victim

Kim Pham Trial: Nighclub Death Blamed On Victim

Kim Pham’s death caught on video is being blamed on the victim by the alleged killers after police caught up with several suspects claimed to be involved in the nightclub beating.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, some reports claim Kim Pham’s photobomb of one of the suspects is said to have triggered the fight. The social media star reportedly messed up the kodak moment of Vanesa Zavala and her girlfriends, which started a verbal argument and ended in the California nightclub death.

While Candace Brito and Vanesa Zavala have been arrested and are being held on a $1 million bond, they both claim they’re not guilty and other witnesses corroborate parts of their claims. To make matters worse, Kim Pham’s friends are apparently avoiding police and thus no one knows their side of the story.

Defense attorney Michael Molfetta says Kim Pham punched first and this alleged fact should make a difference in the case:

“It was a melee. It was very, very, very explosive. And it’s unfortunate somebody died as a result of it. [Kim Pham] certainly didn’t deserve it, but she certainly did her part in instigating it.”

The prosecution points out how many people did nothing but record the nightclub beating with their smartphones. But about 15 others, including club security, Pham’s friends, and bystanders tried to help stop it. Prosecutor Troy Pino says there’s no question in his mind that once the victim was on the ground Pham “was then vulnerable, and any assault at that point was unjustified.”

According to one bystander who called himself only “Jason,” Kim Pham did indeed start the fight but after she was knocked to the ground a third woman entered the fight and kicked her straight in the head:

“One kick and she was out cold. No one touched her after that.”

If the eyewitness is correct this kick may have been the killing blow. While at first the third suspect couldn’t be identified, the Santa Ana Police Department says have had some success:

“At this point in the investigation, detectives have identified all the parties involved, including the third woman who remains a person of interest. Detectives are working with the person of interest to set up an interview.”

Whether or not this interview will lead to an arrest is not known at this point, nor has the suspect’s name been released pending the investigation. Regardless of the role of the third woman, Brito and Zavala will be tried for murder together in court. Although the hearing was postponed, Mr. Molfetta had some strong words to say about the role of Kim Pham in her death:

“Ms. Pham has been anointed a saint and the people on the other side — specifically, my client and Mr. Reed’s client — have been vilified internationally…. I’m just saying Candace Brito didn’t kill her [Pham], that’s all I’m saying.”

The prosecution says the Kim Pham video of her death will be instrumental in proving guilt but the defense lawyers claim they won’t get far with it. What do you think?

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13 Responses to “Kim Pham Trial: Nightclub Death Blamed On Victim”

  1. Tina Nguyen

    Dude, she has some pathetic chicken shiaaat friends. Stand up and testify for your slain friend.

  2. Ryan Galleger

    That's what I'm saying! This is such a testament to pick your friends carefully in life because in the event like something like this happens, you want your friends to stand up for you rather than cower away like worthless human beings. For the the caliber of woman Kim was, I'm surprised she had such pathetic connections.

  3. Liz Demure

    Really? Stop the oj part loco-tardic B.S.! yEA OK … Believe the galoots busted on cam ? the word of a lawyer and cholas gang rejects. They kicked a hole in the girls head and continued to beat on her after she was out cold. Get a grip !

  4. Liz Demure

    Really? Stop the oj part loco-tardic B.S.! yEA OK … Believe the galoots busted on cam ? the word of a lawyer and cholas gang rejects. They kicked a hole in the girls head and continued to beat on her after she was out cold. Get a grip !

  5. Jennifer Nguyen

    Kim Pham is an angel… Because of her death, other lives are saved. To continue to hit someone who have fallen is a crime. The bystanders are just as guilty as well. Those murderers should be prosecuted . Dead penalty or life in prison without parole…

  6. Jasmine Ruiz

    where are her so called friends!!! they didn't defend or help her the night of the incident and now they wont help put these people away!i don't even know the girl and iwish i could help!!

    may she rest in peace

  7. Chau Nguyen

    4 or 5 on 1 girl was coward. Kicking a helpless girl on the ground was coward. These people should be in jails for a long, long time

  8. Ben Miller

    I would never kick someone in the head who is on the ground, that in most cases is against the law. If it's proven Kim provoked or initiated the attack first , which seems to be the case at this time, she could be liable for everything that occurred after that. Show mercy and love, some people might be just having a bad day too.

  9. Ben Miller

    yeahhhh, that doesnt work on concrete with 20 people scrambling around and the possibility of being kicked or punched, or ran over by a car . I cant tell if you are Kickass 3 or a troll , seriously you might be a superherotrollvillain

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