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Jesse Ventura Goes Off Grid In Mexico To Hide From Drones

Jesse Ventura has gone off the grid in Mexico to escape drones. The former professional wrestler and Minnesota Governor told a CNBC journalist that he moves about with his television show so that drones cannot find out where he is.

The former Minnesota Governor hosts an Ora TV show entitled simply, Off the Grid. Jesse Ventura told the reporter that he is able to produce the television show while still remaining off grid because he utilizes solar power to reach a satellite.

Ventura had this to say about going off grid:

“I view the United States today much like East Berlin. And I’m off the grid. I’ve tried for 20 years to warn the country about the Democrats and the Republicans and nobody’s listening. I now view the United States from the outside, and I don’t like what I see. You know what the favorite t-shirt was off the grid down here a couple of years ago? A picture of George Bush, and it said weapon of mass destruction. Is that the way we want the United States portrayed throughout the world? I don’t think so.”

The former professional wrestler reportedly ignored a question from the reporter when asked how one acquires the Internet while living off the grid. Ventura also chastised the role money plays in our modern political system. According to the former elected official, his campaign raised less money than he actually made while in office. His new television show is not about making money, according to statements made during the interview.

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