'Watch Dogs' release date exclusive single player mission

‘Watch Dogs’ Release Date Set For November, Whose Preorder Bundle Do You Want?

The Watch Dogs release date is expected to hit in November Spring this year, possibly going up against its own peer from the Assassin’s Creed series. No, earlier rumors that Ubisoft filed to abandon the trademark on the title were completely false. That was simply the second major hack the company has faced in the past year, this time initiated by internet trolls, as explained in the video below.

Several retailers have confirmed the pending Watch Dogs release date by offering preorder bundles already. The preorder bonus will differ depending on who you order it from, but you can expect the same amazing Watch Dogs gameplay experience no matter which retailer you choose.

Amazon is offering the Watch Dogs preorder bundle with free delivery on the day it is launched. We can only hope that Ubisoft doesn’t punish gamers who might receive it early, like Microsoft did when Target accidentally shipped Xbox One consoles a week ahead of time. Gamers who order it early on Amazon will also get the Signature Shot Pack, which includes a black viceroy outfit, biometric assault rifle, and an exclusive single-player mission.

Best Buy is offering free standard shipping, as well as the Breakthrough Pack, including an exclusive single-player mission and a vehicle expert perk. We do not know what the difference is between the exclusive missions, as Ubisoft hasn’t released any information on them yet.

GameStop is not offering free shipping at all, but will include the Palace Pack on the Watch Dogs release date. This will include (once again) an exclusive single-player mission, as well as an investigation bonus and an ATM hack boost.

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Newegg offers free four to seven day shipping, but no exclusive bonuses.

Target offers free standard shipping, as well as the Blume Agent Pack. This includes an exclusive single-player mission, the Blume MP outfit, a weapon specialist perk, and a multiplayer faction tag.

Toys R Us offers free shipping, but no exclusive bonuses.

Uplay, the Ubisoft store, isn’t offering any bonuses for North America, but the Uplay Exclusive Edition for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) countries includes a Steelbook case, as well as the Breakthrough, Palace, and Signature Shot Packs.

Walmart is offering free Watch Dogs release date delivery, as well as the Cyberpunk Pack. This includes a Cyberpunk gun and outfit.

According to the preorder bonus from Uplay, it appears every separate pack has its own single-player mission, if it comes with one. If you live in North America, it appears that the best preorder bundles are coming from GameStop and Amazon. For EMEA countries, Uplay is offering the best deal.

Which of the Watch Dogs preorder bundles are you planning to buy?