Justin Bieber Calms Fans’ Manhattan Mobbing By Making Nice With NYPD

Justin Bieber demonstrated rarely seen diplomatic skills yesterday when he talked two New York police officers into letting him have an impromptu meet and greet with a throng of fans who mobbed his Mahattan hotel.

Despite the snowy conditions, fans waited outside the 19-year-old’s midtown hotel very early Monday to catch a glimpse of their idol as he emerged.

When the police arrived on the scene and attempted to keep the mayhem under control by physically blocking fans from Bieber, there were shouts and raised voices from desperate, very cold, teen girls.

As the fans moved towards the “Baby” singer standing at the hotel door, two of New York’s finest can be seen in fan-made videos trying to keep the star safe while dealing with frantic Beliebers.

It could have turned ugly. But Bieber – who is used to a crowd – rose to the occasion and convinced the police to let the fans in closer.

From footage this appears to have involved Justin sticking his head out of a parked luxury vehicle window while fans swarmed him.

Ignoring the cold, the young star reportedly posed for pictures until nearly all the boisterous Beliebers were satisfied.

One daring fan even moved in for a cheek kiss. She was rewarded with an absent cheek smudge from Bieber.

Citing an eyewitness, Gossip Cop quotes,

“A couple of cops were trying to stop the fans from going near him and pushing them back. [Bieber] approached and defended the fans… [He] calmed the cops down and took pics (sic) with the kids.”

The “Confident” star later took to his Twitter and posted a lighthearted message, “dear cops. my beliebers wont hurt me. all is ok (sic).”

Justin was in New York timed for a round of Pre-Super Bowl parties ahead of last Sunday’s game.

His arrival via private plane into New Jersey’s Teterboro airport on Friday was searched by US Customs and Borders Protection officials for hours assisted by drug-sniffing dogs.

Justin was also questioned.

No drugs were found and the pop superstar and his entourage of 13 were allowed to pass into the States.

Things didn’t really improve from that point.

New York Daily News Confidential reports Bieber was denied entry at his favorite New York City club, 1Oak, on Friday, and turned away from four Super Bowl parties, because of his age and incident-prone abilities.

The beleaguered singer — who has become a dumping ground for collective vitriol — was finally admitted to Maxim’s Big Weekend event, but was watched like a hawk by eight security guards assigned by party organizers to make sure he didn’t drink alcohol.

Bieber was also allowed into the Leather and Laces party Sunday morning where he was spotted skateboarding.

An on-the-club-scene insider told Confidenti@l,

“Most clubs don’t want the hassle of having him inside anymore,” while also calling the teen star “radioactive” and “volatile.”

Bieber is currently the focus of three criminal investigations in two countries.

He remains a suspect in a felony vandalism investigation in Los Angeles after his neighbor in Calabasas accused him of throwing eggs at his house on January 9.

The incident prompted a police raid at Justin’s house, during which live-in friend Lil Za was arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

The aspirational rapper-actor has since been charged with three felonies for drugs and vandalism. If convicted, he could face a total of nine years in jail.

Last Thursday, Justin was arrested with his pal – Khalil Sharieff – for DUI in Miami Beach during what police have described as an illegal drag race.

Police said Bieber was “cocky” and “profane” during the arrest, failed field sobriety tests, and admitted he has been drinking, smoking marijuana and taken prescription medication.

With the exception of breath tests which registered negligible blood-alcohol amounts, a subsequent DUI-related preliminary toxicology report revealed Xanax and marijuana in his system.

A lawyer for the pop prince pleaded not guilty to charges of DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with an expired license on the same day he was later charged – in person – in Toronto with assault over the alleged assault of a limousine driver last December.

Another lawyer for Bieber insisted he is innocent of the assault in a later statement.

The singer will appear in a Toronto court on March 10 regarding the charge.

However. Bieber can breathe slightly easier.

A former bodyguard – Moshe Benabou– suing for allegedly unpaid wages and assault and who claimed the singer repeatedly hit him during an argument in October 2012, has reached a settlement with Bieber and the case has been dismissed.

Justin Bieber Defends His Beliebers From NYPD

(Photo: Bieber with fans in New York City on February 3).

After TMZ’s profit-oriented release of a photo showing Bieber and his fellow DUI arrestee sucking on a stripper’s nipples, it’s claimed 12 minutes footage of the teen star engaged in scandalous behavior with two strippers in an Australian strip club is now being shopped to media outlets.

If true, it will change the climate once more for Justin.

And it’s already pretty stormy out there.