Nicki Minaj To Dominate 2014 With New Album And Mixtape

Is Nicki Minaj ready for a take over in 2014? The Monster self-proclaimed Queen Bee of the hip hop game is said to be on a complete overhaul for the coming year. Minaj, who is known for her quick rap hooks and mega ‘tude has tossed her American Idol judge position and is trading it in for world domination with new music material.

In a world where social media takes away the veil of secrecy from artists everywhere, the major goal for music acts has been to show a body of work, and not tell, a la Beyonce, but Minaj has never been a subtle artist. With her “multiple personalities” and brash lyrics as well as trash talking game changer pioneers such as Lil Kim, Minaj isn’t crazy about keeping quiet no matter the situation.

According to MTV News, Minaj has hinted that 2014 will be a huge year for the rapper. Back in November she confirmed that she’s working on an LP, but apparently this is only the beginning for Nicki Minaj. In addition to letting a few clips hit her own personal Instagram, she’s also dropping a few remixed tracks and mega collaborations.

For instance, in December she released a single “Boss Ass B*tch” with a killer remix. Earlier she was joined by YG for the “My N— (remix)” video, and featured her skills during a verse on the song. To break it down, Minaj is making sure that her name, image, and rapping is everywhere this year. Another hint is her appearance on the talked about remix “Danny Glover” by Young Thug. A line that quiets the skeptical critics on the “Danny Glover” song: “It’s like, I’m working on the album and a mixtape at the same mothef—ing time.”

While there’s a lot of boasting in hip hop it’s easy to assume that Minaj will indeed release a mixtape. It would be a release welcome considering the iffy year Minaj had last year on American Idol. Looked at as more of a personality than an actual artist, in one fell swoop Minaj alienated fans by orchestrating cat fights for a ratings bump with known diva Mariah Carey.

The last time fans of Minaj heard full material was in 2012 with her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded release. Years ago this wouldn’t be a huge gap in albums, but considering how the musical industry has focused on purchasing singles and moving away from full collections, this would be a move worth making for an artist that still has a lot to prove.