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Puerto Rico: Slain Boxer Christopher Rivera Propped Up In The Ring During Wake

The family of slain Puerto Rican boxer Christopher Rivera decided to celebrate his life the best way they knew how: They held his wake in a boxing ring.

Rivera was fatally shot in Santurce on January 26, a crime that authorities have yet to solve. As of this writing, police haven’t arrested any suspects in connection with the murder. Since the boxer wanted everyone in Puerto Rico to remember him for his career, his family decided to put together something truly unique.

To properly memorialize his professional fighting career, Christopher Rivera’s relatives propped his body inside a fake boxing ring during his wake. They also dressed Rivera up in sneakers, sunglasses, boxing gloves, and a hoodie. Family members were then encouraged to pose for photographs with the late boxer’s corpse.

Have a look at some images of the boxer’s recent wake in Puerto Rico below. Keep in mind that Rivera’s body is on full display in these photos, so proceed with caution if that sort of thing makes you uncomfortable.

Here are a few images of family members posing with Christopher Rivera.

According to The Huffington Post, this isn’t the first time the funeral home has created a unique setting for a wake. A spokesperson said they previously had a deceased motorcycle enthusiast displayed on his bike. The boxing ring, which was carefully crafted in a public housing complex, took the funeral home several hours to create.

The Puerto Rican boxer’s mother Celines Amaro, wife Lidianette Carmona, and son Julio Christopher were among those who posed with Rivera’s body. Several mourners, many of whom imitated the boxer’s stance, took photographs at the wake with their cell phones.

The investigation into 23-year-old Christopher Rivera’s murder is still ongoing. His boxing record in Puerto Rico was 5-15 at the time of his passing.

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