Aaron Hernandez Talked About Murder In Jail Using Coded Language, Prosecutor Says

Aaron Hernandez Talked About Murder In Jail Using Coded Language, Prosecutor Says

Aaron Hernandez may have just delivered some crucial evidence to prosecutors in his upcoming murder trial after allegedly discussing the killing of Odin Lloyd during phone calls in prison.

Prosecutors say the former New England Patriots tight end used coded language to discuss the 2013 slaying of Lloyd. The 24-year-old Hernandez is being held on first-degree murder and weapons charges in connection to Lloyd’s killing.

After his arrest last year, police laid out a seemingly strong case against Hernandez that includes video of him with the victim shortly before the killing.

Aaron Hernandez may have just made that case even stronger, court filings show.

The filing, from Bristol Assistant District Attorney Roger L. Michel Jr.. noted:

“Hernandez discussed ‘matters directly relevant to the circumstances surrounding the murder of Odin Lloyd; viz: the defendant’s subjective belief about his criminal liability; his use of coded messages to communication with persons outside of jail; related prior offenses; inculpatory denials of ownership of a vehicle connected with the investigation; the extent of his control over persons charged as accessories; other matters relating to his codefendants, including their whereabouts and likely criminal liability.”

Hernandez could still have more legal trouble, as well. Earlier this year police obtained a search warrant to investigate his possible involvement in a drive by shooting on July 16, 2012, in Boston that left two people dead.

Surveillance video sought by police allegedly shows a group of five men exiting an SUV and going over to a BMW. The SUV then followed the BMW, pulling up alongside and opening fire with either a.357 or.38 caliber pistol.

The warrant stated that Hernandez was believed to be in the vehicle, though it did not specify whether he was the shooter or not. The SUV police believe was involved in the attack was later recovered at the home of Hernandez’s uncle.

Aaron Hernandez has pleaded not guilty in the killing of Odin Lloyd.