Powerball Numbers Again Produce No Big Winner, Jackpot Hits $215 Million

Powerball numbers drawn in Tallahassee, Florida, Saturday night once again failed to match a single winning ticket purchased anywhere in the 43 states that sell them — or the District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands, which also sell Powerball tickets. Last night was the 11th consecutive drawing without a big winner.

That means the jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing has cracked the $200 million mark — $215 million to be exact. Just as a point of comparison, basketball superstar LeBron James at his current average yearly salary, would need to play 12 NBA seasons to make that much money.

If you enjoy suspense, watch the video below to see the winning numbers drawn. Or if you want instant gratification, read on and we’ll tell you what they were. While no one hit all six Powerball numbers, there were seven tickets sold matching the first five numbers, but not the Powerball. Those lucky ticket holders become instant millionaires.

Two of those second-prize winners gambled an extra buck to activate the Power Play feature, which doubles Powerball prizes other than the big jackpot. Those ticket holders take home $2 million before taxes.

Ready for the winning numbers? Here they are:

5 — 12 — 15 — 27 — 38, with a Powerball number of 7.

The two Power Play $2 million winners were sold in New York and Ohio. The five $1 million winners, matching the first five numbers but not the Powerball, were sold in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia — and two in Florida.

Last night’s Powerball numbers drawing also produced 59 winners of the third place $10,000 prize — matching four of the first five numbers plus the Powerball — but eight of those had activated the Power Play option, making their prizes $20,000.

In California, prizes are calculated based on a pari-mutuel system, meaning the four third-prize winners in that state each will pocket $10,463 based on the February 1 Powerball numbers.

All in all, 857,522 tickets were good for at least some sort of prize in last night’s Powerball numbers drawing. The total amount of prize money won in the February 1 drawing was $14,560,974. But no one has hit the big jackpot since Christmas Day, when a Kansas City, Missouri, couple took home a $71.5 million payout.