Demi Lovato Smoked Pot With Joe Jonas, But She Doesn’t Remember Doing It

Demi Lovato may have introduced Joe Jonas to the world of recreational drug use, but that doesn’t mean she remembers much about the experience.

The former X Factor judge found herself thrust into the spotlight after Jonas decided to spill his guts to New York Magazine. Not only did he candidly discuss his relationship with Lovato and her struggle with addiction, he also claimed the singer talked him into trying pot.

Although Demi Lovato is almost positive that the incident took place, she doesn’t have a very clear recollection of getting stoned with Joe Jonas. She told Giuliana Rancic during a recent interview that those memories are foggy at best.

“Well, he had warned me, like, a couple of days before and said. ‘Hey heads up, like, I did an interview and I talked about smoking pot with you and Miley.’ And I was, like, ‘We smoked pot together?’ Like I don’t even remember [because] clearly I was like, I was chilling. Okay, like, I don’t remember but I’m pretty sure it happened,” Lovato said.

Demi also explained that Joe Jonas was extremely nervous to talk to her once the New York Magazine essay was available to the masses. Since the article contains a plethora of personal information about Lovato, Jonas was pretty sure she was furious.

“I called him and was like ‘Hey’ and he was so afraid to talk to me. I was like, ‘Relax, we’re good, just don’t be so stupid next time. Like I wanna sit and talk to you in person but like, I love you, it’s all good, we’re always gonna be friends,” the “Neon Lights” singer said.

In the essay published in New York Magazine, Jonas discussed his first experience with marijuana. According to the singer, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus were the girls who convinced him to give the drug a shot.

“The first time I smoked weed was with Demi and Miley. I must have been 17 or 18. They kept saying, ‘Try it! Try it!’ so I gave it a shot, and it was all right. I don’t even smoke weed that often anymore,” Jonas said.

Jonas also took a moment to discuss his first encounter with alcohol: “My 21st birthday, I fell down a flight of stairs. I was unconscious that time, and my whole team was scared to death that somebody was going to get a picture. Now I appreciate wine or a vodka-soda at the end of the day every once in a while.”

Demi Lovato fans can catch the singer’s full interview with Giuliana Rancic on E! this Monday (February 3). Are you planning to tune in?

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