Lorraine Bracco And Penny Marshall To Play Lesbian Lovers In Mulaney

Lorraine Bracco and Penny Marshall have just signed up to join the Fox show Mulaney, where they are set to play a lesbian couple. The comedy show is based on the life of John Mulaney, who is writing and starring in it.

It will portray an up-and-coming comedian who is influenced by his boss (Martin Short), a number of roommates and, of course his neighbors. Lorraine Bracco and Penny Marshal, who are playing the lesbian couple, meet Mulaney through his neighbor Oscar, played by Elliot Gould, who they are friends with.

Bracco and Marshall aren’t the first movie icons who are opting to head to television. In recent years Liev Schrieber, Kevin Bacon, and Jeff Daniels have all chosen to appear in TV shows, many of which enjoyed great success.

The pair have heaps of movie experience, but Mulaney will be one of their first stabs at the small screen. As well as that, Marshall is already renowned as an experienced director and indeed one of the most successful female directors.

She directed some massive Hollywood blockbusters including Big, A League of Their Own and Jumpin’ Jack Flash, as well as many others. You may also remember Marshall from the time she directed the classic TV comedy Laverne and Shirley.

For her part, Lorraine Bracco has enjoyed an illustrious career, having played multiple roles in gangster movies over the years. She portrayed a gangster’s wife in Goodfellas and was Tony Soprano’s psychiatrist in The Sopranos.

Mulaney is due to executive-produce the show along with Lorne Michaels, David Miner, Dave Becky, Andrew Singer and Andy Ackerman.

There is no shortage of anticipation for the new show which is due to hit screens sometime in 2014. We’ll keep you posted as to when precisely that is going to be.