NFL Heroin Gives New Meaning To Super Bowl Ads

NFL Heroin Gives New Meaning To Super Bowl Ads

Labeled as NFL heroin, drug dealers are apparently Super Bowl 2014 fans just like the rest of us. Or maybe they need something to keep themselves occupied since tailgate parties are not allowed at Super Bowl 48?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, if you go by the names found on some heroin you’d think drug dealers also like the Affordable Care Act. After all, what else explains the Obamacare heroin discovered right alongside Kurt Cobain? And don’t forget the Pittsburgh dealers who were caught breaking bad by selling so-called heroin happy meals that cost $82… and they even came with a toy!

More recently, discovered a multi-million dollar heroin mill operating out of a Bronx apartment in New York City. They had all the equipment necessary for production, from baking soda to grinders and scales.

Including the aforementioned NFL heroin, there were also packages labeled after government shutdown, iPhone, McDonald’s, Safe House, Reebok, porn star passion, sprint, raw dope, silent hill, point of no return, best mark out, brick squad, brain storm, Lady Gaga, and Olympic 2012. There was also a bag full of stamps intended to label each package by name. All in all, there were 13 kilos of heroin worth an estimated $9 million.

Police caught Augustin Rivera and Cristino Then when the second man was spotted carrying a black shopping bag after visiting a suspected drug dealing site. When he entered an apartment building and exited empty-handed police officers began to question him. The first man was caught trying to escape by using the fire escape from the fifth-floor apartment.

New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton congratulated his officers on the catch:

“Thanks to the efforts of the investigators in this case, an operation that would have led to the sale and distribution of illegal drugs on the streets of New York City has been thwarted.”

You might be asking at this point, “Why would drug dealers name it NFL heroin?” Apparently, those involved in drug trafficking tend to use code names to refer to their illegal product in hopes the police won’t catch on. Someone could say, “How about that NFL?”, and it could be a code for a certain action. It’s apparently not unusual for heroin to be stamped with numbers, words or symbols to identify who’s selling it, but the NFL heroin was a new one.