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Bank of America Branch Nearly Has Furniture Repossessed

Bank of America Downtown

A Florida based Bank of America branch nearly had their locations furniture repossessed this week when they failed to pay a couple $2,500 owed to them after withdrawing a lawsuit that ended in 2010.

According to the Fort Myers News-Press the couple was accidentally sued by BofA two years ago for foreclosure, a lawsuit that ended up being a mistake on behalf of the bank. The couple eventually requested reimbursement for legal fees on several occasions and the bank ignored those requests.

According to a bank rep:

“The original request went to an outside attorney who is no longer in business.”

Honestly the couple shouldn’t have been required to request the reimbursement, Bank of America should have immediately righted their wrong.

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2 Responses to “Bank of America Branch Nearly Has Furniture Repossessed”

  1. Senka Huskic

    These are America’s unsung heroes – who are fighting for all of us!
    The time has come to stand up together to banksters and government officials that are supporting the end of America as we know it! If we don't do anything, if we don't demand justice, then we will remain slaves forever and our kids don't stand a chance!

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