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Sarah Silverman Calls Mike Huckabee ‘Gross’, Bill O’Reilly Wants To Hit Her With A Pie For Cussing Jesus Abortion Video


Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has scolded comedienne Sarah Silverman after a video where she discusses abortion with a cussing Jesus went viral.

O’Reilly, who hosts The O’Reilly Factor, has admitted that he is so outraged by the comedian’s controversial clip that he would like to throw a pie at her.

In the footage, Silverman is told by Jesus, “Fertilized eggs aren’t people. People are people.” O’Reilly called the entire piece “very offensive,” and then as soon as the aforementioned scene was played to his audience he erupted, “Boy, I’d like to hit her with a pie,… Bang!”

Laura Ingraham, who was O’Reilly’s guest on the show, then added, “Oh, yeah, that’ll be good.” Earlier in the day, Ingraham had called Silverman a “degenerate, foul-mouthed slob of a person.” Maybe, Silverman also provoked this fury because she had Jesus drop an F bomb in the video too. At one point, he can be telling Silverman in the piece, “I’m Jesus F****** Christ.”

Silverman created the YouTube video just days after she worked alongside Zack Galifianakis on their special, “Night Of A Thousand Vagina.” They duo collaborated on this project to try and raise money for Texas abortions.

Silverman has often waded into the debate over abortion laws and restrictions, and on Thursday she voiced her opposition to Mike Huckabee’s recent remarks on women’s health.

She told MSNBC, “When a politician is speaking on behalf of those people who are pulling their strings for their purse and for the betterment of their career, it’s gross.”

Huckabee recently told the Republican National Committee at their annual winter meeting in Washington that women need to “control their libido.”

Silverman continued, “I guess I’m stunned, but at the same time, it’s so bizarre. He says he wants women to control their libido … you know … I too, would like to control my libido and my reproductive system.”

She then added, “These are people who are anti-big government, and yet they want to make laws about my vagina, and what I do with my body. I don’t think that would be tolerated if we started legislating men’s bodies.”

During the interview Silverman admitted that she always tries to include a political message in her stand-up routine so that she can keep her audience informed of what’s going on in Washington.

Silverman noted, “For the most part, to talk about what’s going on, I have to let people know what’s going on first before I can go into any comedy. Many women don’t know what’s going on and that it’s going to affect them in major ways and is already starting to.”

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14 Responses to “Sarah Silverman Calls Mike Huckabee ‘Gross’, Bill O’Reilly Wants To Hit Her With A Pie For Cussing Jesus Abortion Video”

  1. Jason Kelly

    she is so awesome. Bill is a moron. anyone who watches him and agrees with him, must also be really stupid. so sad.

  2. Lee Duhachek

    You don't have the intelligence or the experience or the perspective God gave a testicle, you probably don't have those either. Support your views and your favorites, but don't blow about someone you know little about, as you can see, it's sounds immature and low class.

  3. Matthew Carlatoni

    I think the assessment of Silverman as being a “degenerate, foul-mouthed slob of a person” is pretty spot on. I would also add: unattractive, desperate for attention, and lacking talent…

  4. Eric Ekstrand

    Bill O'Rielly proves night after night that you don't have to be smart to get rich. You just have to be a little smarter than the morons who watch your show and think they're getting accurate information.

  5. Louie Kiskowski

    They hate birth control and reproductive choice, but that is ok because they are also anti-welfare. Liberty to do what someone else thinks is best.. is not really small government now is it?

  6. Tami Canepa Aulby

    So sad! This article totally misquotes everything Huckabee said, probably every quote is wrong, and everybody here just eats it up. No wonder this country is in trouble, a worthless media and people too lazy to investigate.

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