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Melissa Gilbert Opts For A ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Life

Melissa Gilbert

Melissa Gilbert is best remembered for her time as a child actress in the classic Little House on the Prairie during the 1970/80’s. Since then the now 49-year-old actress has come a long way, most recently writing the children’s book, Daisy and Josephine.

As well as tying the knot with boyfriend Timothy Busfield (from Thirtysomething), Gilbert also served for some time in the esteemed position of President of the Screen Actors Guild.

Melissa Gilbert spoke to FOX 411 about married life, and her exit from New York in favor of a quieter ‘Little House on the Prairie‘ lifestyle. When she was asked how married life was treating her she said:

Fantastic! What a brilliant idea we had. We were really, really smart. Smartest thing either of us have ever done and moving to Michigan on top of it.”

So, she revealed that she had moved to Michigan – but where in Michigan?I live in a small town in Michigan. I think the population is about 9,000. It’s very rural. I live downtown in a restored Victorian house that was built in 1890. We moved in August, and it has been amazing,” was her response.

It seems you can take the girl away from the Prairie but can’t take the Prairie away from the girl. She spoke about the new lifestyle choice she made: Yeah it is a bit like “Green Acres” without the farm and glamour. I heaved such a sigh of relief about a week after I got the last box unpacked here. It’s just incredible. It’s so much easier.”

Melissa Gilbert even spoke jokingly about how people look different out in Michigan: “Here everybody’s different you know? They don’t all look like they were stamped with a plastic surgeon’s cookie cutter. My naturally mobile Botox free forehead is welcome here.”

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20 Responses to “Melissa Gilbert Opts For A ‘Little House On The Prairie’ Life”

  1. Pat Burr Rosenthal

    Is she trying to say she has never had plastic surgery because she looks hidious and is unrecognizable

  2. Feign Spurious

    late 1960s?? This was obviously written by a dumbass tween. Little house ran from 1974 to 1983

  3. Shiloh Picker

    Michigan! You call that "little house on the prairie" life. Eminem and kid rock live next door. Move to Wyoming or Montana, to a town under 1000 people and buy a small ranch. Didn't you learn anything from growing up on that show?

  4. Addam Corré

    Feign Spurious I am not a dumbass or a tween but you are correct on the dates, my bad, 6 is just so close to 7 on my mac. Thanks for pointing it out, corrected accordingly!

  5. Kelli Phillips

    You must be the dumbass. No where in the article does it say late 1960's………

  6. Carrie Ann Dye

    The reason people don't get plastic surgery when they get older there – they can't AFFORD it.

  7. Susan Martin

    Deanna Vaughn Montgomery Ha! I figured it had to be there. I googled towns around Lansing with 9000 and that's the only one near it that came up! They join the ranks of people shunning Hollywood like Jeff Daniels. Good on 'em!

  8. Tammy Florczak

    Kelli Phillips "Melissa Gilbert is best remembered for her time as a child actress in the classic Little House on the Prairie during the late 1960′s." It's in the FIRST sentence, DUMBASS.

  9. Nancy Hebb

    Howell, MI, not far from me. Nice area. She is promoting "Daisy and Josephine" and it was mentioned in a radio interview.

  10. Nancy Hebb

    Shiloh Picker, don't mistake a city…Detroit…for the state, Michigan!

  11. Dana Measel Wagner

    She moved to Howell, mi it's 20 min from my house. Many friends have seen her.

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