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Ben Affleck Threatens To Quit ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ [Rumor]

Ben Affleck threatens to quit "Batman vs. Superman" [Rumor]

Ben Affleck — who has been cast as the latest Batman — is said to be having problems with David Goyer’s script and is reportedly threatening to quit Batman vs. Superman.

Even though the website Cinematallica — which reports the rumor as an exclusive — states that at this point Affleck is still Batman in Zack Snyder’s film, he is not entirely happy with the direction the yet untitled movie is taking.

By all accounts, this seems to be a shoot in disarray after Warner Bros. announced over the weekend that it had delayed the release of Batman vs. Superman by nearly a year.

Initial conjecture led to the conclusion that perhaps an injury Ben Affleck suffered recently — in which he hurt his ribs — was the reason for pushing back the movie from July of 2015 to May 6, 2016, however, that is supposedly not so and the studio will use body doubles when Affleck has to perform fight scenes…if he ever gets the suit on.

Adding to script troubles is the lengthy delay, which apparently is putting off Affleck — who is not only a busy actor, but a director as well — which is understandable.

According to this report Ben Affleck has concerns that the Batman vs. Superman shoot will conflict with his plans to direct the adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s Live By Night next fall.

This newest rumor may be music to thousands of fans’ ears as the announcement of his casting brought almost unprecedented social media backlash, with petitions to boot Ben Affleck off the role and cries from disappointed fans, who felt he is the wrong actor to follow in Christian Bale’s footsteps.

At the center of the clashes between Affleck and Goyer is the actual plot line, which the actor-director feels is not what it ought to be, according to Cinemattallica’s sources.

The sources say all this had led Ben Affleck to tell Warner Bros. to start looking for a new Batman, quick.

Warner Bros. is reportedly willing to let Affleck go with no major repercussions and without damaging the other projects the studio has with the Oscar-winning director.

Even though fans disagreed with his casting, Ben Affleck fit the bill of the more “mature” Bruce Wayne-Batman that Zack Snyder and Goyer envision for the sequel to Man Of Steel.

If these rumors are true, this will give Warner Bros. the opportunity to make-up with the fans that were so upset over the casting and learn from the experience.

Maybe they would be better off with a lesser known actor, there are many great ones out there.

How do you feel about Ben Affleck possibly leaving Batman vs. Superman?

[Image via DC Comics/Steve Scott]

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16 Responses to “Ben Affleck Threatens To Quit ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ [Rumor]”

  1. Matty Watson

    Thank fuck for that. Hes too much of a whiney bitch to be batman

  2. Mitun Dey

    it would be great news if ben affleck is not in this one!! but i have great concern about the script especiallly since there too many characters are going to be included in this one eg wonderwoman, green lantern etc…. man of steel almost sucked becasue of the second of the movie…just get christopher nolan to direct this one and bring christain bale back because he is suited for the mature bruce wyane now

  3. Wilfred Vriesch

    Ben Affleck would be great as Batman, so was Daredevil all will be depend on how the script is and that is what is most concerning me. Time for a big low because Batman is sooo hot now, failure is around the corner

  4. Vlad D. Alexe

    it would be amazing if he quit. I trust Ben can be a very fine actor and director IN OTHER MOVIES. LEAVE BATMAN, please 😀 Cast someone else! If Bale wasn't so stubborn about retaking the cape, it would be perfect. But ANYONE else would be better than Affleck at this point. EVEN STALLONE!

  5. Shaun Hall

    He was good in daredevil but cant be a good batman thats like havin van damme as spiderman they need a gruff mental dark personality bastard

  6. Ross Muir

    people still bitching about Affleck need to remember how sad and embarrassing they were about Ledger being The Joker, whiney fickle gobshites

  7. Balázs Kocsis

    The best choice for Bruce Wayne/Batman is Richard Armitage!
    He already prove his skills in Spooks/MI-5 why he will be the best choice!

  8. Mauro Barreira

    "anyone would be better then Affleck at this point. EVEN STALLONE!" I'm gonna show this statment to my 2 year old son when he gets older and questions me about the meaning of exageration.

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