Hairless Dancing Dog Nathan Goes Viral On Facebook With More Than 50,000 Shares

A hairless dog called Nathan has received a lot of interest recently since a video clip of him went viral on Facebook, getting more than 50,000 shares.

The hysterically cute video was posted by Bald Is Beautiful Hairless and Small Breed Rescue, Inc., an organization based in Greenville, SC which regularly posts videos of puppies they find abandoned in the hopes that somebody will want them.

Their most recent video of Nathan, standing on a chair looking adorable and dancing to music, has enjoyed unprecedented success, and he has already been claimed by a lucky new owner, following the viral hairless dancing dog video.

The Facebook video was accompanied with the simple caption: “a “warm-up” dance! by Nathan” which shows the pup dancing energetically on a chair in front of the webcam to Madonna’s All I Got Is 4 Minutes.

The Bald and Beautiful website says they take in dogs of all descriptions and from all types of troubled backgrounds:

“Often times, we get a call from an animal shelter that has received one or more hairless dogs. It’s a breed less familiar to them, and frequently the shelters are unable to meet their special skin and nutrition needs,” the website says.

The organization, which is non-profit, was founded in September 2010 and has already found happy homes for more than 250 dogs, according to their website, although not all of them were hairless dancing dogs like Nathan.

They are based in Greenville, but they have a network of foster homes across the East Coast.

You can see the viral video of Nathan the hairless dancing dog by clicking HERE.

According to the organization, Nathan has been adopted, but they have other semi-furry friends still in need of homes.