Drew Barrymore Discusses Pregnancy Cravings And Weight Gain

Drew Barrymore and her husband Will Lopelman are expecting their second daughter. Although Barrymore admits she had cravings during her first pregnancy, this time she simply cannot stop eating. The 38-year-old actress said the weight gain was expected and she still believes she is within a healthy range.

She admits she can not stop thinking about food — even during the Golden Globes. While attending the ceremony, Barrymore said she got a strong craving for pizza. She was specifically interested in Mulberry Street Pizza, which she made clear to her husband during the awards:

“… all night I kept turning to my husband and going, ‘We gotta go to Mulberry Street Pizza.’ Like, ‘I gotta eat a pizza! I gotta eat a pizza.”

Following the awards, Drew Barrymore got her wish. She and her husband went to the popular pizza joint and she enjoyed two large slices. She said “it was the best thing ever.”

As reported by E! Online, pizza is not the only food on the actress’ list of cravings. She said she simply cannot resist Chinese pan-fried noodles. Barrymore admitted that she often gives in to her cravings and her “car just goes off the lane and over to the restaurant.”

Barrymore said the cravings are different and more intense with her second pregnancy. When she was carrying her first daughter Olive, she said she craved tamales. Although she gained 40 pounds, it was well within a reasonable range.

The actress said she gained more weight with this pregnancy. However, she is “keeping it in check” and said the weight gain is not a specific concern. US Weekly reports that her doctor told her to “maybe pull back a little bit.” Barrymore admits eating everything she wants “isn’t healthy” but she said she can “still fit into those jeans.”

Drew Barrymore and husband Will Lopelman are expecting another girl but they have not announced their due date.

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