Justin Bieber Allegedly Frets Over ‘Naked Photos, Drugs’ After Police Take Phone

Justin Bieber’s residency in headlines spiked this week after his home in Calabasas, CA was raided by police in a huge show of force on Tuesday after a neighbor accused the teen singer of throwing eggs at his house in a vandalism incident.

The case is still ongoing, and according to a new report, the young star is allegedly “worried” police could find naked photographs and references to drugs on his mobile phone which they took with them along with home surveillance hard drives.

According to TMZ and we’re taking it on face value that this isn’t a backhanded way to get outlets to run last Summer’s naked snaps – law enforcement sources have said police seized the 19-year-old’s cell during the raid.

The website claims insiders said police are especially interested in texts sent the day of the egging and since, and want to see if Justin sent a “text high 5,” and possibly boasted about allegedly pelting eggs at his neighbor’s residence after the incident took place.

Such texts would be an undeniable “gotcha” moment for police, and the Canadian.

Drugs Found During Justin Bieber House Raid

The site also alleges Bieber is less worried about possibly incriminating texts than he is about naked photos, and “drug discussions and references” being leaked by a notoriously leaky police department.

The gossip outlet, who have strong connections with the Los Angeles law enforcement, may well be providing a heads-up of what they already know — or not.

Back in August, naked pictures of Justin playing a well-placed guitar during a Thanksgiving break at his grandmother’s house back in Ontario as a private family joke, leaked online.

The shots were reportedly obtained from a former friend of the singer who sold them, and they were never intended for public consumption.

Meanwhile, the report is a timely one. During the police raid, Bieber’s friend Lil Za (real name, Xavier Smith) was arrested twice during the egging-motivated raid.

The rapper’s first arrest was for suspicion of felony drug possession after police reportedly found drugs “in plain view” in a location in the house being used by Lil Za. According to multiple reports, police initially thought the powdered substance was cocaine, but it was later revealed to be ecstasy – known as “Molly.”

After he was charged with possession and about to post $20,000 bail, Lil Za’s bad day got worse when he allegedly “flipped out”and damaged a phone in the police station, and was arrested again. The rapper was charged with felony vandalism and had his bail reset to a reported $70,.000, E! News reports

Following his release late Tuesday night, Lil Za tweeted a brief message about his well-being.

For his part, Justin has also been similarly less present on Twitter.

At press time, the singer has posted just two tweets since the police raid. One of which is a re-tweet, the other marks the seventh year milestone of the “Kidrauhl” YouTube account’s online debut.

The singer’s manager Scooter also marked the day with a clip of a very young, pre-record deal Bieber back in 2007.

Fast forward to 2014, the talk is police raids, “Molly,” celebrity snark, naked photos — and egg-throwing.